How to make a Corking Device

           A Corking Device is made through Tinkering and is used in about a dozen different Brewing Recipes throughout the game. As aforementioned, you'll need to find a Tinkerer for this item with at least a skill of 175 - 200 +. The Corking Device has a Trivial of 174 so it's recommended you find someone above 200 so they don't fail the combine on you.



Corking Device (174 Trivial)

           Out of all the items required to make the Corking Device the hardest one for you to get will be the Branch of Sylvan Oak. This item is foraged in Wakening Lands and is only a pain in the butt since you have to go so far out of your way to get it. The other item you need to farm up for this combine is Blue Diamond. They drop from many different enemies or can be purchased from The Bazaar or another player.

1 Blue Diamond

1 Branch of Sylvan Oak

1 Cogs

1 Gears

1 Grease

1 Sprockets












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