How to make Champagne Magnum

           Champagne Magnum is fairly easy to make if you have the skill required in Jewelcrafting and an Enchanter who is able and willing to Enchant some Gold Bars for you. The Enchanter will need to be at least level 24 since that's the level you can scribe Enchant Gold and Mass Enchant Gold. However I recommend looking for a player whose higher level since the Mana cost for this spell is so high.


Champagne Magnum (196 Trivial)

           This item is used as a reagent in making a few different Brewing items. One of those items is a Demi-Sec Champagne which is used in the Xanthe's Earring of Nature quest, a very popular quest throughout all of Luclin and even until late PoP era. I recommend you make this recipe if you plan to raise both Brewing and Jewelcrafting.

1 Bottle

1 Enchanted Gold Bar

1 Opal










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