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Making Money with Skeleton Repair Kits - Kenshi

Another fantastic way for you to make money through crafting in Kenshi is by making Skeleton Repair Kits and selling them. Pretty much every store in Kenshi will buy these kits from you and depending on the town you're shopping in some may pay a premium for the kits! Skeleton Repair Kits are one of the highest valued items in the entire game and they do not take up much space in your inventory.

In order to make Skeleton Repair Kits without having to buy any ingredients you'll need to have a base that has access to both Iron Ore and Copper Ore. The Iron Ore is used in producing the Iron Plates and Steel Bars which are used in crafting a few of the required items. Copper Ore is required to make the Electrical Components we need; in order to make Electrical Components you'll also need an Electrical Workbench.

To unlock any of the aforementioned crafting stations you will first need to make a Researching Bench and fill it with Books. After you have done this you will be able to start researching different technologies in the Research Tab (press 'T' to open the Research tab ingame). If you'd like a more detailed run down of what you can and should research I recommend you check out my Kenshi Researching Guide Youtube video.

Skeleton Repair Kit Crafting Tab

The process involved for making Skeleton Repair Kits is a bit complicated. I've included a screenshot which is shown above that demonstrates the order of crafts you'll have to do in order to make one of these at a Robotics Bench. You'll find the order of items shown below this paragraph as well. Make sure to click "Repeat Queue" if you want your characters to repeatedly make the same items you've specificed.

Press > Motor > Skeleton Muscle > Robotics Equipment > Skeleton Repair Kit

One thing I would recommend is to not have a single person do each of these crafts at a single Robotics Bench. Kenshi is a very buggy game, especially when it comes to bases and production at them, it also doesn't have the best AI when it comes to performing tasks at a base. An example, if you have one character perform all of these at the same robotics bench he'll often get stuck because he will have a full inventory and no room for items. You can alleviate this by wearing a backpack but you may not want to do that or may forget to from time to time.

Having one character do all of the crafts will also take more time due to a lot of running around, though this might be preferable to you since it will raise Athletics and maybe Strength if you overload their inventory... Below is the setup I typically use, it requires 2 Robotics Benchs but I think it's more efficient overall. You also get the added bonus of 2 characters leveling up Robotics. It's a useful skill to have high for repairing Skeleton Limbs when you're away from base.

Robotics Bench #1: Motor > Press > Skeleton Muscle > Robotics Components

Robotics Bench #2: Skeleton Repair Kit

The absolute best part of making Skeleton Repair Kits is the ability to completely automate the entire process. You'll need to have a Squad of 5+ characters working around the clock to do it but that's pretty typical to have at your base in this game. In order to make these you'll need a couple characters mining Iron and Copper and you'll need to have either a couple or 1 running the machinery to process the Iron Ore. Depending on what your current technology level is, you may have machinery that is completely automated already... Or you may have to run it manually with 1 or 2 characters.

I'd also recommend having someone work around the clock on making Electrical Components too, selling the surplus is a pretty good way to make extra money as well. That's actually one of the routes I recommend for making money, check out my Making Money with Electrical Components Guide for more information.

With a constant stream of Electrical Components and Iron Plates/Steel Bars you'll be able to craft all the Skeleton Repair Kits you desire. Now, as far as selling them -- one thing you should understand about Kenshi is the prices of items change - sometimes minorly - sometimes majorly - from town to town. Towns like Flats Lagoon typically have a 85 - 105% Price mark-up on Skeleton Repair kits depending on your save. Other towns like Squin, in my experience are typically 95% - 125%. Shark and most of the small towns in the Swamp typically have a price mark-up comparable to Squin.

Skeleton Repair Kit in Mud TownSkeleton Repair Kit 95 Flats Lagoon


Tip (Use at your own risk): You can change the price mark-up of an item in your game by selecting "Import Game" at the start screen for Kenshi and selecting your save file. This essentially reloads the entire world including vendors and dungeons/areas that you have completed. Since Kenshi is a game with a lot of bugs there are times where shopkeepers or someone important will get killed or just be missing and you'll have to reload the game to fix it, that's what this feature is designed for. Though, you can use it to your advantage to restock vendors/dungeons as well.



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