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Loot Worth Keeping - Diablo 2


On this page you'll find a list of items that are argubly the best of the best items in the entire game. All credit for this list and the best of the best socketable items list <Add link> goes to u/youbetterdont from reddit. Here is a link to the original pastebin that he created with these lists. For the most part I have kept his list the same as he made it; the changes I made were mostly removing acronyms and abbreviations to make it easier for even non-Diablo 2 literate people to understand and changes to the formatting.


(Eth) = Ethereal
(OS) = Open Sockets
(MF) = Magic Find


###Tier 0
* near perfect tier 1 items
* Holy shield CTA base

###Tier 1
* 4os eth Thresher or giant thresher with ED (infinity)
* 4os, 1300+ ebugged sacred armor (fort)
* 4os, 40@+, 330+ ebugged sacred targe or 450+ vortex (exile)
* 5os eth berserker axe with ED (death)
* Chaos claw base with good staffmods (weapon block, fade, mind blast, venom, lightning sentry)
* 0/5os scepter with conviction and fist of heavens (for CTA or light facets)
* White wand base with high bone spirit *and* spear rolls
* Other interesting staffmod items (?)

###Tier 2
* 4os eth CA or GPA with ED
* 0/4os eth CV with ED
* 4os eth Thresher or giant thesher
* Eth zerker 0/6os with ED (botd)
* Eth war pike 0/6os with ED (botd)
* 4os, +3 grand matron bow with ED (faith)
* Eth ettin 0/5os with ED (death)
* Eth colossus sword 0/5os with ED (death)
* Eth 0/6os ghost spear or GPA with ED (botd)
* 3os superior, elite light armor with ED (enigma)
* 5os eth zerker (death)
* 4os, 1200+ ebugged lacquered plate (fort)
* 40@+, 0/4os sacred targe
* ebugged eth elite 4os paladin shield with good all resist roll
* 5os zerker with ED (grief, beast)
* 3os, 1300+ ebugged sacred (treach)
* 3os, 1200+ ebugged lacquered plate (treach)

###Tier 3
* The tier 2 weapon bases without ED
* 0/4os superior, elite light armor with ED (fort, CoH)
* 40@+, 0/4os sacred rondache or royal shield
* 3 energy shield 4os staff (memory)
* 5os phase blade with ED (grief)
* 5os zerker (grief, beast)
* 3os/4os, 1100+ ebugged armor with <200 str req

###Tier 4
* 0/5os eth cryptic axe, Thresher
* 5os eth GPA, giant thresher
* 0/3os/4os elite light armor with near perfect base defense
* 0/4os monarch
* 3 BO, 0/3os barb hat (delirium)
* 3 nado, 0/3os druid pelt
* 5os phase blade (grief)
* 3 CE white wand base
* 3 spear white wand base
* 3os/4os, 1000+ ebugged armor with <200 str req

###Tier 5
* 3os eth, low req 1h sword/axe (cmoon)
* 4os flail (hoto)
* Eth 5os low req 1h weapon (CTA)