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The Idle Hands in Imnesvale - Baldur's Gate 2 Side Quest

Idle Hands in Imnesvale Quest Start

The Idle Hands in Imnesvale quest begins by speaking with Dirbert, Valsben and Neller near the river in the northern portion of Imnesvale. When you get close enough to these kids they will approach you and start dialogue with you. The 3 kids ask you to buy them 3 Bastard Swords and 1 De'Tranion's Baalor Ale from the vendors in town within 24hrs.

You can refuse to buy the kids either the Bastard Swords or the Ale if you wish, this will result in 1k less EXP though when it comes time to turn in the quest. Essentially you'll get 2k EXP for buying them both the Bastard Swords and the Ale when you complete this quest but only 1k EXP if you refuse to buy one of the 2 items.

Keep in mind that you have a couple of different ways to solve this quest. The most obvious way is to buy the items that they ask for and return them to the kids within 24hrs. You can also take the kids money and not buy anything for them at all, after 24hrs pass the next time you run past the kids they will call you a Thief and a Kobold for taking their money.

Last but not least you can refuse to buy anything for the kids in which case they'll hang out in this same area until you change your mind or you tell them to get lost.

DeTranions Baalor Ale for sale
De'Tranion's Baalor Ale for sale in Imnesvale

If you decide to buy what the kids want then you'll want to visit Elence Fielding to buy the 3 Bastard Swords and Min Minling who you'll want to purchase the De'Tranion's Baalor Ale from. You can find both of these vendors outside of the Umar Inn in the center of town during the day. When it is night time you'll be able to find them inside of the Inn instead. If you're having trouble finding these vendors take a look at your map, the Umar Inn is marked on it.

Once you have all the items all that's left is to return to the kids and give them what they want. As aforementioned you'll earn 1k EXP for giving them the swords and 1k EXP for giving them the ale for a total of 2k EXP. Allegedly after you buy the kids the swords and ale you'll find them later inside the Umar Cave and get some dialogue with them fleeing from a diseased gibberling. I've personally never seen this event happen though I have read about it from numerous different sources.