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Gain the Services of Sir Sarles - Baldur's Gate 2 Side Quest

Gain the Services of Sir Sarles Quest Start

Gain the Services of Sir Sarles is the second side quest given to you by the Temples in the Temple District of Athkatla. In order for this quest to become available you'll first have to complete Investigate and Destroy the Cult of the Eyeless side quest. The same temple that gave you the previous quest will give you this one; which temple that is depends on your character's alignment and class.

For this quest you'll be tasked with speaking with Sir Sarles and commissioning a statue from him. You can find Sir Sarles in the Jysstev Estate in the Government District (it's marked on your map); speak to him and you'll learn that he is only interested in working with Illithium Ore.

To get the Illithium for Sir Sarles you'll first need to visit Jerlia in Waukeen's Promenade. Check your map once you enter Waukeen's Promenade, the location we need is marked "The Ore Merchant". Here you'll find Jerlia who will give you 2 different options for finishing this quest.

Jerlia the ore merchant
Jerlia the Ore Merchant in Waukeen's Promenade

Upon speaking to Jerlia you'll be given 3 different options for finishing this quest. You can have Jerlia make some Illithium Alloy to try and trick Sir Sarles or you can pay Jerlia to learn who her Illithium Ore contact is; your third option is doing both these things. If you're wondering why you'd do both, the Illithium Ore is used in the Cromwell's Blacksmith quest to upgrade the Mace of Disruption item.

This means that technically the best way to complete this quest is to buy the alloy from Jerlia and pay her for information about her contact. If you do not care about upgrading the Mace of Disruption then don't bother making the fake alloy, just hunt down Neb and complete the quest that way.

It will take Jerlia 24hrs to make the alloy you need which is fine since we have to hunt down the real ore in the mean time. Jerlia's contact is a Duergar in the Copper Coronet by the name of Unger Hilldark. You can find Unger near the northern entrance of Copper Coronet right next to the vendor counter with Bernard. When you talk to Unger he'll mention that someone by the name of Neb has taken the last shipment of Illithium.

Neb is found in the Derelict House in the Bridge District of Athkatla. The Derelict House is marked on your map but if you have trouble finding it search the southern portion of the Bridge District.

Neb Fight In Derelict House

Inside the Derelict House you will find Neb along with multiple Child Spirits. For the most EXP possible it's recommended you focus entirely on Neb and ignore the Child Spirits. Killing the Child Spirits will net you 1500 EXP each, if you wait until Neb is dead then each Child Spirit still alive will be freed and you'll get 2500 EXP instead.

When you defeat Neb he'll drop Illithium Ore, Neb's Head and Neb's Nasty Cutter +2. You can turn in Neb's Head to Chief Inspector Brega at the Council of Six Building in the Government District for 2500G and +1 Reputation if you're interested. At this point in time the quest will fork a bit depending on what you want.

The next choice you make should revolve around whether or not you want to upgrade the Mace of Disruption item. If you plan to use the mace then 40k EXP is a lot less important than one of the best items against undead in the game.

Give Sir Sarles the real Illithium Ore: You'll be rewarded with 21,750 EXP when you turn the ore into Sir Sarles. When you return to the priest who gave you the quest you'll be given another 20k EXP, 1k Gold and a magical item. Clerics get to choose between Armor of Faith +3, Honorary Ring of Sune and Staff Spear +2. Everyone else gets Helm of the Noble.

Give Sir Sarles the fake Illithium Alloy: Sir Sarles recognizes the fake alloy and leaves Athkatla. When you return to the priest who gave you the quest you get 10k EXP. Clerics get to choose between Armor of Faith +3, Honorary Ring of Sune and Staff Spear +2. Everyone else gets Helm of the Noble.

Sir Sarles in Government District

Regardless of your choice, after giving Sir Sarles the item return to the temple that you are doing this quest for and talk to the priest to turn it in. The next and final quest in the chain will start once this one is complete. For more information about that quest check out my Another Mission for the Temple quest walkthrough.