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Solve the Riddle in the Sewers - Baldur's Gate 2 Side Quest

Slums Sewers Overview

Solve The Riddle In The Sewers is a side quest that begins in the Slums Sewers when you enter the southeastern most room with all of the pipes. Upon entering this room you'll get a cryptic dialogue pop up that will give you a little bit of back story about this puzzle and how to complete it.

To complete this puzzle you'll need to collect a total of 4 items from different areas in the sewers. If you need help finding any of these items use my map above; below you'll find a description telling you a little bit more about how to obtain these items.

1. Hand: The Hand can be obtained by interacting with the sewer grate in the northwestern most portion of the sewers. When you mouse over the sewer grate your mouse icon will change to 2 arrows in a circle pointing to each other; this is how you'll know you found the spot.

2. Ring: The Lover's Ring is found by interacting with a mural on the wall in the room slightly east of where we got the Hand. Much like before when you mouse over the mural your icon will change letting you know you're in the right spot.

3. Blood of Quallo's Friend: In order to get this blood you'll have to attack the friendly Carrion Crawler next to Quallo.

4. Shaman's Staff: Last but not least the Shaman's Staff is obtained from the Kobold Shaman in the east-central portion of the zone.

The above order of these items is the same order that's required to solve this puzzle. Once you have all 4 items return to the room with the pipes and click on them all once to read the riddle; this gives you a bit of information about which item goes where. In order to make this easier for you I have a screenshot below that will show you the appropriate order to click the pipes in.

Alternatively, I will write it out for you too: 3rd pipe, 1st pipe, 2nd pipe, 4th pipe

For those of you who would prefer a video for this sort of thing, check out my BG2 - Solve The Riddle In The Sewers Youtube Walkthrough. The video covers all the same information this page does just in a different format.

Solution for the Pipe Puzzle in the Slums Sewers
Solution for the Pipe Puzzle in the Slums Sewers