Put the Spirit of the Child Wellyn to Rest - BG2 Side Quest

Wellyn Quest Start

Put the spirit of the child Wellyn to rest is a side quest that begins in the Graveyard District at night time by speaking with Wellyn the ghost. You can find him wondering around in the southern portion of the zone right near where you zone in at. In my experience sometimes he shows up during the day too (late evening) but only at night are you guaranteed to find him.

Wellyn asks you to return his stuffed bear named Littleman to him. You can get this bear from Llynis in the Copper Coronet who is the same Thief responsible for killing Wellyn. Once you're inside the Copper Coronet you'll find Llynis in the northwestern portion of the bar, he's in one of the small bedrooms.

Depending on what dialogue options you choose speaking with Llynis may or may not result in combat. Either way getting the stuffed bear from him is easy enough.

Llynis Inside Copper Coronet

Once you have Littleman in your possession return to Wellyn in the Graveyard District and give it to him to complete the quest. You'll earn 15,500 EXP when you turn in the bear to Wellyn. If you return to the Graveyard District during the day and speak to the 2 'Mourners' (his parents) who are near Wellyn's grave then you'll get an additional 5,000 EXP.