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Bring the Poisoned Man to His Friends - BG2 Side Quest

Bring the poisoned man to his friends quest start

Bring the poisoned man to his friends is a side quest which can begin during Chapter 2 - 3 any time you switch maps. This is technically a timed quest although failing to complete it in the time frame won't fail the quest, it'll just decrease your total reward. When you begin this quest you'll find a group of people on a waylaid map surrounding the body of Renfeld (pictured above).

Defeat these humans and then approach Renfeld to talk to him. If you agree to help him his body will automatically be added to your inventory. Renfeld asks you to take him to the Docks District; there is a building in the southwest called the Galvarey Estate that he needs to go to. The timed part of this quest begins the moment you pick up Renfeld's body. He is poisoned and needs to be brought to the Docks District within 24hrs or he will die.

Once in the Docks District you'll find someone by the name of Rylock standing outside of the Galvarey Estate, speak with him and he'll take Renfeld from you and the quest will be complete. If Renfeld is still alive you'll get 14,550 EXP in total, if he's dead you won't get anything.

Rylock Outside Harper House

After you've finished this quest you will be approached by Xzar outside of the Sea Bounty Tavern in the Docks District. He will ask you for help getting Montaron, his companion, back. You may recognize these names from Baldur's Gate 1 as they were possible companions in that game. Either way, this follow up quest is important since it's part of the Jaheira Harper quest line.



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