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Windspear Hills Overview - Baldur's Gate 2

Windspear Hills Overview

Windspear Hills is one of the first locations you'll have added to your World Map aside from the town of Athkatla. There are 2 ways for you to 'discover' this zone, the first of which is by starting the Helping Irenicus' Captive Dryads side quest during Chapter 1. As for the second method, it's by speaking with Lord Jierdan Firkraag inside of the Copper Coronet and starting the Journey to Windspear Hills side quest.

In the northeastern portion of this area you will find Windspear Hills Dungeon which is home of the red dragon Firkraag and various very powerful magical items. When you first visit this zone you likely will not stand a chance against Firkraag but don't worry you can clear the entire dungeon and save Firkraag for later.


Start: This is where you'll be when you enter the map for the first time. An event will trigger here with a group of "Ogres" that will turn out to be paladins once you defeat them. This is part of the Journey to Windspear Hills side quest.

Garren Windspear's Cabin: Garren's cabin is heavily involved in the main quest chain that goes through this zone, for more information check out my Journey to the Windspear Hills walkthrough. Once you have finished this quest chain if your main character is a Paladin you'll beable to turn this into your Paladin Stronghold.

Ankhegs: You're probably familiar with what Ankhegs are by now, these enemies will drop Ankheg Shell which can be used at the Blacksmith Cromwell in the Docks District to make a suit of Ankheg Plate Mail.

Dryads: Here you'll find a Dryad by the name of Vaelasa; if you're currently on the Helping Irenicus' Captive Dryads side quest that started during Chapter 1 you'll be able to give Vaelasa the Acorns to complete the quest. Aside from completion of this quest there is no use for the Dryad area down here.

Firkraag's Dungeon: This dungeon is one of the lower level ones in the game and it's filled with many great items that you'll be using for a lot of BG2. Despite being a lower level dungeon this is also where you'll find Firkraag, a fire dragon. For more information about Firkraag check out my Firkraag Himself quest entry - for more information about the dungeon check my Windspear Hills Dungeon Overview page.