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Spellhold Dungeon Level 3 Overview - Baldur's Gate 2

Spellhold Dungeon Level 3 Overview

The third and final level of Spellhold can only be reached after you've collected Kurtulmak's Crystal Shard and The Hand of Dace and used them at the Statue Head on Level 1. On this floor of Spellhold you'll find 2 different puzzles along with your final confrontation with Bodhi while in Spellhold.

In order to complete this floor and move on to the Spellhold Tests area what you'll need to do is locate both Minotaur Horns on this map and use them on the Minotaur Statue in the same room you confront Bodhi in. This will open the door leading to the Spellhold Tests map(s). Before leaving this floor though you should make sure you grab The Paws of the Cheetah for 15 Mithral Tokens from the loot machine. There are only a few of these in the game and they're arguably the best boots you can get.

You should also grab the Gesen Bowstring from the Vault area on this map since it's used in creating the Shortbow of Gesen. This is arguably the best in slot Shortbow in both BG2 SoA and Throne of Bhaal.



Lever: This will open the secret door across the hall with a room that has 2 Mithral Tokens inside of it.

Paintings: When you interact with each of these statues on the wall you'll be able to take a painting from them. Each time you take a painting a Fireball or Cloudkill trap will be triggered so it's recommended that you do this on 1 character.

Minotaur Horn & Mindflayer Painting: The Minotaur Horn is one of the story items you need to complete this dungeon and leave. The Mindflayer Painting is used in the picture room just like the other paintings that you can pick up from this area.

Picture Room: In this room you will find 4 doors that you can open up which will lead you to an enemy that corresponds with the painting. Sometimes these enemies will drop special weapons; The Mindflayer will drop Flame of the North +2 and the Troll will drop Malakar +2. The Umber Hulk picture will lead you to a secret area with a Vault that has many goodies including the Mithral Token loot machine.

Vault: There will be 3 Clay Golems in this room which start off inactive until you loot the chest (or attack them first). Inside the chest you will find a Star Sapphire, 4 Mithral Tokens and a Gesen Bowstring. You can use the Gesen Bowstring at Cromwell's Blacksmith in the Dock's District to make the Shortbow of Gesen.

Loot Machine: All of those Mithral Tokens you've been finding on this floor are used at this machine. You can also call this boot machine instead of loot machine since it gives 3 different pairs of boots and that's really all we want it for. What I would personally recommend you get from this machine is The Paws of the Cheetah and The Frost's Embrace. Below is a list of all 4 items you can get from this machine as well as how many tokens they'll cost.

5 Tokens: The Frost's Embrace
10 Tokens: Talos's Gift
15 Tokens: The Paws of the Cheetah
20 Tokens: Jester's Chain +4

Bodhi: A confrontation with Bodhi will take place in this room. There is also a giant Minotaur Statue in the middle of this room which you'll have to click on after you've collected both Minotaur Horns; doing this will open the door to the Spellhold Tests.

Minotaur Room: Inside this room you will find the other Minotaur Horn that we need to bust out of this joint as well as 2 Mithral Tokens.