Chapter 7 Walkthrough for Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear

Chest in Ducal Palace with Belongings

When you awaken in Ducal Palace after the Korlasz Tomb Prologue the first thing you'll want to do is check the chest next to the bed to make sure it has all of your stuff inside. You may want to confirm everything is in there and if you're missing anything reload the game back to Korlasz's Tomb and rearrange your items.

Once you're ready you'll want to run into the room south where there will be an event between Imoen and some invaders. You'll also meet Corwin for the first time along with a few other people. Go downstairs when you're ready and there will be some more assassins for you to fight; clear them out and continue downstairs again for another dialogue event.

There are a few things left for us to do in this castle but most are not required. Speak with Corwin to learn everything you need to know and then head down into the basement area where you'll find Ophyllis and possibly an event with Korlasz breaking out of jail (if you let her live back in the tomb).

Note: If you're having trouble navigating the Ducal Palace you'll find the stairs up and down in the northern portion of the map. The stairs that lead down can be found under the stairwell that leads up, it can be hard to see them if you're not looking for them.

You can also talk to Skie in the Ducal Palace as well as her father and a few others. I won't go into details about everything you can do here as it's mostly all optional dialogue with no significant rewards. When you are ready to proceed exit the Ducal Palace and you'll find yourself in the streets of Baldur's Gate, choose any nearby zone line and you'll be able to travel to a couple of different areas inside of the town.

Ophyllis can be found outside Ducal Palace in the southeastern portion of the area near the zone line. He will approach you if you stay in the area long enough and update the 'My Missed Fortune' quest.

Siege of Dragonspear BG Map

Almost all of Baldur's Gate is off limits for us in this expansion pack, you'll only be able to visit a few key areas all of which have various little events and side quests for you to complete. I won't mention them all in the interest of not wasting your time but I will say that if you want to do all the little events hold down TAB and speak with everyone who has a unique name in each of the areas of Baldur's Gate.

Three Old Kegs: Minsc and Dynaheir can both be found here and they come as a package deal. You can also find the people who beat up Ophyllis and took your money on the 2nd floor of this establishment. Depending on your dialogue choices it could end in a fight, but either way you aren't getting money from them.

Elfsong Tavern: Safana, Garrick and Coran can all be found in this tavern. It's extremely recommended that you get Safana to join your party at this point if you don't have a Thief already since we need a Thief who can open locked doors and chests. Garrick and Coran will refuse to join you but they will give you items if you speak with them. There is an important NPC to speak to here named Zaviak, he'll start the Zaviak's Vision Side Quest which will reward you with various goodies down the road.

Sorcerous Sundries: Sorcerous Sundries is the best vendor in this version of Baldur's Gate and sells a variety of loot you may be interested in. In addition to the items sold by Halbazzer you can also buy some items from his brother Kazzrem who is nearby on the stairs. For a quick and easy side quest speak with Halbazzer and offer to help him retrieve some bottles from upstairs.

Iron Throne: Rasaad can be found inside of this building, he will refuse to join you but you'll get some EXP for talking to him.

Flaming Fist: Tiax can be found inside a jail cell in the Flaming Fist building but he will not join you when you talk to him.

The only party members you can get to join you during the 'Recruitment Drive' quest are Safana, Minsc and Dynaheir. Viconia will be available to us in a short while too but first we have to return to the Ducal Palace with Corwin and spend the night in our chambers. There will be some dialogue with everyone about the upcoming adventure as well as dialogue with Imoen, who will not be joining us.

Outside Ducal Palace

When you step outside of Ducal Palace you'll find a couple of new NPCs for you to talk to including Viconia whom you're able to have join your party. I will continue to give this advice since it's easier than pointing out all of the NPCs that do stuff, hold down TAB and it will show you the names of every NPC nearby, like in my screenshot above. Everyone with a unique name has unique dialogue. Sometimes it's a side quest or event and sometimes it's just backstory of the world around you.

Holding down TAB is also useful because it will highlight all of the containers nearby that you can interact with as well which is how you will find many different things you need in this game. Before leaving there is one thing I would draw your attention to though...

Belegarm: This vendor sells everything you could ever need and more. Bag of Holding, Potion Case, Ammo Belt, Scroll Case, Gem Bag are some of the more useful things you should buy if you don't have them already. He also sells a variety of scrolls, potions and a bunch else. Check him out and buy what you need before departing. Something to note is Belegarm will follow you around throughout this Expansion Pack, you can always find him back at the Flaming Fist camp.

To depart for the next chapter speak with Corwin 2 times and tell her that you're ready to depart.



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