Baldur's Gate 1 - Chapter 5 Walkthrough

Wyrms Crossing Map Locations

Chapter 5 begins in the Cloakwood Mines after looting and reading the letters on Davaeorn's body. As of the start of this chapter we will now have access to Baldur's Gate, the large town in the northern most portion of the world map. You'll have to pass through a few wilderness zones to get up here if you haven't already. To zone into Baldur's Gate you'll need to travel to the bridge in the northern part of the world map which is known as Wyrm's Crossing aka AR0900.

There are 2 things to do on the east side of the bridge before crossing if you head north, they are Tenya and Nester's Dagger and I mention both of them below. When crossing the bridge you will be intercepted by a man named Scar who asks if you're the Nashkel Mine troublemakers. If you say no then you're just going to have to talk to him later in Baldur's Gate Southwest and say yes. Saying yes to him will start an important side quest that is worth doing which involves you investigating the Seven Suns merchants; more on this later.

Tenya: She offers you a quest which involves solving a dispute between her and a group of Fishermen on a map to the south. You can find the fishermen on AR1400 which is the map with tons of ankhegs south of Wyrm's Crossing. I talk more about this side quest below.

Nester's Dagger: Behind the house with Tenya you'll find an Ankheg which drops Nester's Dagger. This item is used in a side quest given to you by a man named Quinn in Baldur's Gate Northwest. The reward is +1 Reputation, 950 EXP and a Shandon Gem.

Scar: Starts The Seven Suns Side Quest if you tell him you are the trouble makers from Nashkel Mine.

Quayle: Quayle is a Cleric/Illusionist; you can get him to join your party pretty easily if you want to.

Baldur's Gate is a gigantic town with a lot of optional content available to you and your party. How much of it you want to do is completely up to you, I recommend you take a look at my Baldur's Gate World Overview page which details most of the optional content worth doing throughout the city.

The 2 main places we need to visit for the story are the Flaming Fist Castle in Baldur's Gate: Southwest and the Iron Throne Headquarters in Baldur's Gate: South. Our first visit should be to the Flaming Fist Castle as that is where we'll meet Scar, the person who talked to us at the Wyrm's Crossing Bridge. Here you have another opportunity to accept some side quests from him or decline them and immediately skip to speaking with Duke Eltan. I strongly recommend you do them as they will give you a reason to explore the city and they're kind of story side quests.

For those of you who are lazy like me I went through pretty much every single quest that takes place in the town of Baldur's Gate and I have listed the ones I believe are actually worth doing below. My criteria for putting them into the "worth doing" category is they give good Loot and/or EXP. I've also included companions that you can recruit below too.



List of Quests & Activities Worth doing in Baldur's Gate:

(BiS Helm & Cloak) Searching for Balduran's Helmet: Searching for Balduran's Helmet wiki Walkthrough is the legitimate way to get this helmet and cloak. However if you want to cheese things you can go into the Helm and Cloak Inn and grab the Balduran Helmet from behind a painting on the 2nd floor. As for the Cloak of Balduran you can defeat Quenash in the Undercellar and loot the cloak from her. Check out my How to get the Cloak of Balduran and Helm of Balduran Youtube Video for more information.

Quinn's Friend (Northwest): Quinn's Friend requires you to collect Nester's Dagger off an Ankheg in the northeastern portion of Wyrm's Crossing. Wyrm's Crossing is the bridge that leads into Baldur's Gate, you'll find the Ankheg you need to kill behind Tenya's house who is involved in The Fisherman and the Priestess quest (mentioned below).

Skie Silvershield (Northwest): Skie Silvershield is one of the potential companions in this game. You can find her in Entar Silvershield's Estate in Baldur's Gate: Northwest and you'll need Eldoth in your party if you hope to successfully recruit her.

Tiax (Southwest): Tiax is another one of the potential companions in the game. You can find him standing outside the Flaming Fist Castle.

(Companion) Alora: Alora is another potential companion that you can pick up in Baldur's Gate: West. You'll find Alora inside the Hall of Wonders between the hours of 8pm and 4am. Talk to her a few times inside the building and agree to help her rob the place. Talk to her a few more times and she'll ask to join you.

(BiS Axe) Battle Axe of Mauletar +2: Inside the Helm and Cloak Inn in Baldur's Gate: Northwest you will want to speak with Gorpel Hind which will trigger an event where Gretek will enter the bar and speak with someone from your party. No matter how you respond to Gretek he and his party will engage you in combat. Upon their demise you'll be able to loot the Battle Axe of Mauletar, Bracers of Defense AC 7, Adventurer's Robe and Long Sword +1.

(BiS Ring) Ring of Wizardry: Evermemory: You can find 2 of these rings in the game, the first is just outside Friendly Arm Inn (Location of Ring of Wizardry near Friendly Arm Inn) and the second is from Sunin in Baldur's Gate: Southwest. You will have to kill Sunin for this ring but you won't suffer a Reputation loss and it's totally worth it if you have multiple mages on your team.

Helm of the Noble (aka Helm of Glory): Helm of the Noble is a powerful magical helm which you can get in Baldur's Gate: North. Jardak is in posession of this helm and you can find him inside Jardak's Home.

Marek and Lothander: This quest is one of the more annoying ones in this game as once you trigger it you will die in 10 days if you don't complete it. An upside to this is completion of the quest will get you 10,000EXP. Check out the Baldur's Gate 1 wiki for a detailed walkthrough of it. I will give you my succicnt version below.

Cheat this quest with the console command: C:CreateItem("POTN47",1)

1. Have Marek and Lothander threaten you in northern Baldur's Gate
2. Meet Lothander in Baldur's Gate: Central (when the quest begins)
3. Talk to the Diviner & ask how to lift Lothander's geas
4. Go to Baldur's Gate: South and to the Water Queen's House (AKA the Temple of Umberlee) on the map
5. Bribe the Priestess of Umberlee with 50g to speak with Jalantha Mistmyr
6. She asks you to bring her a Tome of Understanding from Chanthalas Ulbright in Baldur's Gate: West
7. Visit the Temple of Tymora (aka The Lady's Hall) and speak with Chanthalas. Offer him 500g for the Tome of Understanding and return it to Jalantha
8. Go to the Blade and Stars Inn in Baldur's Gate: Southeast with the Geas Removal Scroll and talk to Lothander on the 2nd floor
9. Travel to the Blushing Mermaid in Baldur's Gate: Northeast and speak with Marek, kill him and loot the Marek's Potion of Antidote from his corpse
10. Drink the Marek's Potion of Antidote on your main character to complete the quest

Sorcerous Sundries: Sorcerous Sundries is located in Baldur's Gate: East and sells a wide variety of Wizard spells along with having various other optional tasks you can complete inside. Ordulinian on the 1st floor asks you to retrieve Arkion and Nemphre's Jewelry from them in Baldur's Gate: Southeast for some EXP. On the 2nd floor of this building you will find a group of 4 mages who will attack you if you're a smart ass to them, defeating them will net you 5,400 EXP and a Mage Robe of Cold Resistance, Mage Robe of Electrical Resistance and a Mage Robe of Fire Resistance along with various other magical items.

(Achievement) The Fisherman and the Priestess: The Fisherman and the Priestess is a side quest that begins by speaking with the Fishermen in the southwestern portion of the Fishing Village map north of Friendly Arm Inn. You may remember this map as the one being infested with Ankheg enemies. The Fishermen will tell you about Tenya who is found upstream, visit the Wyrm's Crossing map and you'll find Tenya's house in the northwest. Speak with her and she will attack you, at this point you'll have 2 options for finishing this quest. You can either kill Tenya and return to the Fishermen OR help Tenya for more EXP & Tenya's help in a future quest. If you decide to help Tenya return to the Fishermen and threaten them to get the bowl then return it to Tenya.

(Cloak & Achievement) The Captive Nymph: The Captive Nymph side quest takes place in Baldur's Gate: West. Enter Ragefast's House in the northern portion of town and you will immediately be thrown into dialogue with him. There are a few ways to complete this dialogue, you can convince Ragefast to let Abela free or fight him. Fighting Ragefast will get you the magical items he is holding as well as EXP for killing him. If your plan is to hand Abela over to Ramazith then you'll need to fight Ragefast then take Abela hostage. Letting Abela go will earn you the Nymph Hair item and will get you the achievement. Nymph Cloak is your reward when you give the hair to Halbazzer Drin in Sorcerous Sundries. In the Enhanced Edition of the game you'll get Nymph Cloak directly from Abela when you let her go.

(Quest/Dungeon) Ramazith's Tower: Ramazith's Tower is found in Baldur's Gate: North. If you have yet to free Abela during the The Captive Nymph Side Quest then Ramazith will ask you to capture Abela and bring her to him when you meet him outside the tower. With or without Abela when you enter Ramazith's Tower he will teleport to the top and tell you that if you want to fight him - meet him at the top. This tower consists of multiple floors each with a group of weaker enemies that you'll have to fight. Ramazith will be on the top floor and you'll fight him alone so it shouldn't be too hard. You'll get 4k EXP for defeating Ramazith along with an Amulet of Metaspell Influence, Bracers of Defense AC 7, Knave's Robe and Ring of Protection +2. Search the bookshelves/desk on the top floor for other loot too like a Tome of Clear Thought.

(Achievement) Tremain's Son: Tremain's Son begins when you are approached by Varci Roaringhorn in Baldur's Gate: West. You can find Varci in the northwest portion of the town and you have to agree to follow him back to a house before he will tell you what he wants to talk about. Inside the house you'll meet a priest of Tymora who asks you to get his son's body from the Temple of Umberlee in Baldur's Gate: South. You have a few options available to you, the easiest ones are to ask for Tenya's help when you enter the temple (if you did The Fisherman and the Priestess quest she will aid you) or pay 2000G for the body of the boy. Return the boy's body to the priest of Tymora and he will resurrect his son. Speak with Varci for your 5000 EXP reward once this is done.

Alatos and the Thieves Guild: Alatos and the Thieves Guild begins by speaking with Alatos "Ravenscar" Thuibuld inside the Thieves Guild in Baldur's Gate: East. He asks you to go to Oberan's Estate in Baldur's Gate: Central and kill Shandalar's 3 Daughters on the top floor. You need to loot Delorna's Spellbook, Helshara's Artifact Fragment and Ithmeera's Statue from a desk in the bedroom that the sisters are in. Depending on your response to the sisters and the game's randomness you may receive a reputation hit when killing them -- keep this in mind if you're a Paladin or Ranger as you will become 'Fallen' if you kill an innocent. Return to Alatos and speak with him once you have all 3 items and you'll complete the quest. Resar will attack you after turning in the quest but no one else in the guild will unless you AoE and hit them.

(Dexterity +1 Book) Manual of Quickness of Action: Inside the Thieves Guild you'll find a merchant by the name of Black Lily. Search a barrel behind her and you'll find the Manual of Quickness of Action which gives you a permanent +1 boost to Dexterity.

(Easy Dungeon) Low Lantern: Low Lantern is an easy 'dungeon' to complete in Baldur's Gate: South. Essentially this dungeon is a ship full of prostitutes and if you listen closely you can hear... moaning... as part of the background music. Be sure to check each of the lower floors inside this boat, it's hard to see the stairs leading down but each floor has a fight/loot on it for you.

Flaming Fist Castle in Baldurs Gate
Flaming Fist Castle in Baldur's Gate

The Seven Suns (Scar Side Quest #1): You'll find the Seven Suns building in the southwestern portion of Baldur's Gate. Inside the building you will need to enter the basement (entrance is found on the south side of the 1st floor) and speak with Jhasso. When you enter the basement you will make all of the Dopplegangers inside reveal themselves and attack you, kill them all (including the ones on the 2nd floor) and return to Scar to complete this quest.

Missing Citizens (Scar Side Quest #2): For this quest we need to visit the sewers beneath the town and defeat an ogre mage. To enter the sewers all you need to do is click on one of the many sewer grates throughout town that are found along the roads. Every section of Baldur's Gate has its own unique sewers dungeon but the one we're specifically looking for is in Baldur's Gate East. In the southwestern portion of the Baldur's Gate East Sewers you'll find an Ogre Mage who drops a Bastard Sword +1 or Scimitar +1 and a Ruby Ring. Depending what version of the game you are playing it may be called a Sashenstar's Ruby Ring; either way you need to loot this item and return it to Scar if you want to claim the full reward.

After completing the 2 side quests that Scar gives you -- or refusing to do them -- he'll take you to Duke Eltan who is the person you need to speak with in order to advance the story. Duke Eltan will ask you to investigate the Iron Throne Headquarters which is located in Baldur's Gate: South. A screenshot of the building you're looking for is shown below.

Before heading to the Iron Throne Headquarters I would recommend that you spend some time exploring the city if you have not already. We are starting to move into the final chapters of the game and the city of Baldur's Gate will fundamentally change once we reach Chapter 7.

Iron Throne Headquarters
Iron Throne Headquarters in Baldur's Gate: South

Inside the Iron Throne Headquarters your goal is to speak with the merchants on the fourth floor until they tell you that Reiltar is the leader of the Iron Throne and that he is at a conference in Candlekeep. You will probably have to threaten them to get the information you need -- there is no quest update either for getting this information. There are a few more optional things to do in here including a difficult boss fight on the fifth floor if you'd like.

5th Floor Loot: Suryris's Blade (Halberd +2), Bracers of Defense AC 7, Mace +1, Medium Shield +1, Wand of the Heavens, Wand of Lightning, War Hammer +1, Ring of Free Action and there will also be numerous potions and scrolls.

When you are done inside of the Iron Throne Headquarters you will want to return to the Flaming Fist Castle and speak with Duke Eltan again. Tell him that you've learned the leader of the Iron Throne is Reiltar and that he is currently at a conference in Candlekeep. Duke Eltan will give you a book which is required for access into Candlekeep and send you there immediately. This will conclude Chapter 5; the next chapter will begin with you standing outside the front entrance of Candlekeep.



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