Leaping Hatchling Farming in The Barrens (Classic - WoTLK)

Leaping Hatchling Farming Location

Average Gold Per Hour: 5-10
Level Recommended: 25+
Rating: 10/10
Items of Interest: Leaping Hatchling, Light Leather

NOTE: The Hatchling no longer drops from Takk. Instead it now drops from Takk's nest which can be found in the area around where Takk spawns.

The way to get the Leaping Hatchling was changed around a bit with one of the more recent patches. No longer will the Hatchling drop from Takk the Leaper, now it drops from Takk's nest which you can find around the area Takk the Leaper spawns. His nest is on a (rumored to be) 6 hour spawn timer. As with before, generally your best chance at finding the nest with the Leaping Hatchling will be at night or very early in the morning. Really, any "weird" hours during the day will be your best chances for finding Takk's nest.

While running around this area and looking for Takk the best ways for you to make some extra cash are with Herbalism or Skinning. Herbalism will allow you to gather the Peacebloom, Silverleaf, Earthroot and Brairthorn in the area and Skinning will allow you to skin all of the mobs in the area. I don't recommend hanging out here and waiting for the nest to spawn but instead leave an alt logged off in the area to continuously check around the trees for his nest.

It is still heavily debated if Takk has to be up or if he has to have been recently alive in order to see his nest somewhere in the area. The few times I have gotten the Leaping Hatchling Takk was alive but no where near the nests which had the Hatchling. I'd say that if Takk was up, there is a good chance that there is a nest lying around somewhere.

If you do plan to sit down and wait for Takk and his nest to spawn then, as said before, farm any Herbalism/Skinning nodes that you can in the area. If you don't have Skinning or Herbalism than the next best farming spot is straight to the north at the Boulder Lode Mine. Here you will want to kill the Venture Co for Wool Cloth and Flasks of Oil. Wool Cloth will always sell but Flasks of Oil may or may not depending on your server.

Boulder Lode Mine

Items of Interest

Leaping HatchlingLeaping Hatchling

Light Leather

Low Level Herbs

Grey Items to Vendor

Wool Cloth








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