Soloman's Island Cheat Sheet (All quest solutions on 1 page)

Code for Dirty Laundry Mission - 576 (Dirty Laundry Quest Video Walkthrough)

A Sacred Place - Study the Second Illuminati Ward (Look on the sides of the church)

A Sacred Place - Study the Third Illuminati Ward (Look Behind the Church)

A Sacred Place Illuminati Wards Video Guide

Dawning of an Endless Night Tier 2 - It update when you walk in front of Norma Creed whom is to the south by Fletcher Bay

Tomb Raider - Eric and Mindy's Grave is the one at the northeastern end with a hat next to it and a shovel in front of it.

Dawning of an Endless Night - Examine Dr. Bannerman's Files Password - "Vivaldi"

Dawning of an Endless Night Tier 7 - head to the Kingsmouth Municipal Airport. Inside one of the hangars at 669, 812 you will find a piece of paper on a table that you need to examine. Doing this will unlock Tier 8.

Dawning of an Endless Night Tier 8 - The order for this quest is "Yin & Yang symbol", "Skull", "Pheonix", "Pyramid", "The Eye"

Dawning of an Endless Night Tier 10 - The order for this quest is Star of David, Masonic Symbol, The Eye, Skull and Templar Cross

Hulk Smash Tier 1 - for this quest you need to go all the way to the northwestern portion of the island. Up here you will find a little black well on the ground spewing out...well... black crap. Walk over to it to examine it and unlock tier 2.

For Norma Creed's mission They Never Stop Coming - dry and slow zombies are in the graveyard, Fast Zombies are the "Returned Townies" all around town, Wet Zombies are the Drowned Mariners all around town and the cultists are nearby Norma's house by the mountains

Trespassers Quest - Visit the coordinates 139, 667

ATC Tier 3 - Check the dead Orochi Body at 680, 877. The code is 739241

Trapped Quest - Visit the coordinates 900, 700 to finish the quest

The Coming Dawn - Hippie Camp is at 134, 686. Here you'll want to read the Morninglight Information Sheet.

Black Helicopters Quest Tier 2 - Code is 739241

Men in Black Vans Login Password - Sally

A Reasonable Man "How To: (Use the Telescope)"

Dear Reader Quest Guide

The Light That Blinds - The Deep One's Sinew Video Guide

Homeland Insecurity Tier 3 Sentry Gun Parts

Homeland Insecurity Tier 2 - Move forward and kill the Dreyrugr Lord. This mob has an extremely long spawn timer and spawns right ontop of the island in the center of this quest area. If you see other players here invite them as there is no reason to hunt alone for this mission.

Echoes in Eternity - The Cold Sleep Thresher has the dog tags for tier 2. He can spawn on the beach right across from the zombie's corpse or further north closer to the boat. Follow the coast to find him north if he isnt on the little sand island across from the dead zombie

Echoes in Eternity - Tier 3 The soldier is being eaten by a Drowned Mariner. Engage the Drowned Mariner to get credit for locating the soldier

The Filth - Ernesto Ramirez can be found through a cave behind where you killed the guy for the previous task

Scaredy-cat :: This mission is picked up in the Moon Bog, usually while you're on Homeland Insecurity. It requires you to find a cat which is just to the north on a little island guarded by a Mud Golem. It's hard to see in this horrible bog at night but if you have nametags on you'll be able to see him fairly easily.

The Benevolent Conspiracies Tier 5 - Kill the Penumbral Brood Matriarch (Use the Checmate Beacon in your inventory to remove the Brood Matriarch's Shield)

The Haunting - So, unlucky enough to get stuck with this quest? Trust me, I feel for you. Tier 1 the thing you need to examine is on the coffee table on your way into the attic

The Haunting Tier 2 - Look for the cat Amesbury from here on out, he stands nearby the people you need to find. As for where Ella is, she's inside the basement which is behind a little wooden door at the end of a hallway next to where she is in the "real world". Get close to the door Amesbury is standing at and you'll update your task.

The Haunting Tier 3 - Margaret Delapore is standing at the entrance of the mansion. and Thomas Delapore is standing in the backyard of the house. Look for Amesbury to find the right kid.

The Haunting Tier 4 - Keaton Walker is on the second floor right when you leave the attic and Frida Diaz is on the first floor in the room the cat is standing outside. To kill Billy Lee you need to pull him and his clones out of the pools of blood or they will heal. Harriet Braun is inside the structure all the way at the back of the house.

The Orochi Group Code to enter the compound is 0934786

They are Called Darkness Tier 1 - Use an AoE attack to hit the Ak'ab Burrow to destroy it.

Up in Flames - Can be found northeast of Marianne Chen at the CDC camp. Gives you access to a Hasmat Suit in the Dressing Room and also the Blue Mountains to Kingsmouth Tunnel.






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