A Captain's Log Quest Guide

This quest is actually a really easy quest if you have a walkthrough for it, which if you're reading this you do! You'll find this quest in the far northern end of Kingsmouth up by the Orochi Encampment just below the bridge. A picture of it's location can be found below, both a location of the package in the boat and also where this package is located on the map.

Captain's Log Quest Area:

Captains Log Location

Location of the Captain's Log on the map:

Captain's Log Location on the map

After you get the quest all that's left to do is head to the far southeastern end of the Kingsmouth Airport where you will find the location this quest is pointing you too. Below is a picture of the location on my map. Just look for the blue X.

Captains Log Fletcher Island Location

That's all there is too this quest folks! After doing it once I really don't recommend you repeat it as the time spent running to Fletcher Island just really isn't worth it vrs experience earned.





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