A Sacred Place Quest Guide

This is one of the easiest quests in Kingsmouth Town. All you need to do is circle around the church and stop at each of the Illuminati Wards. It's a bit confusing since you're a very new player at this point and you probably aren't very familiar with how the questing works in this game. So this should get you somewhat acquainted with how the game works from here on out. Below I have a video guide showing you where each of the wards are and then further down the page I also have pictures showing you each of the three wards you'll need to inspect to complete the mission.

First set of Illuminati Wards: Outside the front of the church, bottom left and right of the door frames

Second set of Illuminati Wards: On the side of the church about eye level

Third set of Illuminati Wards: Behind the church, about eye level too

Video Guide:

First Illuminati Ward Location

The First Illuminati Ward

Second Illuminati Ward Location

The Second Illuminati Ward

Third Illuminati Ward Location

The Third Illuminati Ward





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