Runaway Lights Quest Guide

Runaway Lights is one of those missions that will make you think quite a few times while doing it. Thinking isn't always a bad thing but for this quest I won't lie it does get really annoying during some parts. I'm not going to go over all of the previous tiers of the quest because the guide will take forever if I do. Instead I am just making this guide for the hardest most annoying part of the quest, how to get to the Generator Room. This is the final part of the quest and boy does it go out with one annoying bang.

Unless you seek help you'll probably be running around for quite awhile looking for the Generator Room. Don't worry we all did! Since visual aid will be so much better, here are pictures to help me describe the path you'll be taking to reach the generator room. First up, the very first door you will need to enter.

Runaway Lights Location of the Generator Room

After going through this door and following the path it puts you own out towards the ocean you'll want to turn a bit as seen in the pictures below and continue along the beach a bit towards the direction of the generator room. Below is a picture of where you will come out to after going through the door in the previous picture.

Soloman Island Beach

As you can see I am standing on the beach. Once you reach the beach you will need to be really cautious with where you go next. The mobs out here will mess you up even if you're well geared at this point. They are for much better geared players in QL 9 /10 gear. Stay away from them. Run a little bit out towards the water and then cut around where it shows you to in the picture below.

Path to the Generator Room

The path I am facing with the wood on the sand will lead you to the generator room. Once you start following the path and cut between the rocks you won't have to worry about overpowered monsters anymore. You'll be in the clear from them and only will have to worry about Draugr again I think or maybe just the boss. Who knows, but hey, you're at the generator room, rock on!

The Generator Room





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