Headhunters Quest Guide

The Headhunter quest of Egypt is probably by far the most annoying quest in Egypt if not the entire game. It has you looking for difficult to find people, some of them are actually quite easy and others will take forever to find, like Ehson Awad did for me. Most people get stuck on Ibrahim Nagi but for some reason I got stuck on Ehson Awad. Anyway, here's a guide showing you every single person you're going to have to find to complete this quest!

Find Ehson Awad

Ehson Awad Headhunters

Ehson Awad is located inside an extremely dark building that can be somewhat difficult to get inside. Finding this guy was the hardest part for me mainly because I couldn't find that the entrance to his home which is on the second level. There are many ways to get up here, just start jumping around. (You can look for Active Explosives while you are, they're used for the quest The Bomb Squad)

Find Ibrahim Nagi

Ibraham Nagi Headhunters

Ibraham Nagi is burning on the pike outside of the building the quest points you too.

Find Karim el Touni

Karim el Touni Headhunters

Ring the doorbell and this fool answers.





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