Egypt Quest Guides Cheat Sheet

Old Gods, New Tricks Tier 1 - In order to pickup the crate you need to jump down next to the hut it is in and click on it from behind the wall so it doesn't knock you back.

Old Gods, New Tricks Tier 2 - This artifact is not the one that slows you, if you went there like I did since it was annoying in an earlier quest

Old Gods, New Tricks Tier 3 - This one is the artifact with the "pulse"

Friends and Neighbours - You have to type /accuse when targeting an Apprehensive Villager to do this quest

Friends and Neighbours Video Guide

The Bomb Squad - Just search all around town, there are no 10 exact locations they can spawn or 10 you need to visit you can just disarm them as you go.

Angels and Demons Tier 1 - Southside of the Cafe where you get the quest at

Angels and Demons Tier 2 - Password is 305))

Angels and Demons Tier 3 - The surveillance box you need is in the southeastern portion of the warehouse covered in a veil of blackness. Crank up your brightness or just get close so it lights up to see it.

Angels and Demons Tier 4 Code is 2435

Black Sun, Red Sand Tier 2 - Follow the Suspicious Cultists as they walk out the northeastern gate to the secret hideout

Headhunter - Find Ibrahim Nagi (He is burning on the stakes outside of his home. Click on him to update your quest)

Live Free, Die Hard Tier 3 - To set an explosive on the garage you will need to go around to the back of the building and use the power circuit. This will turn off the cameras long enough to plant your bomb.

Live Free, Die Hard Tier 3 - "Set an explosive on the primary pipe" Use the tractor nearby to trigger the alarm. This will distract the guards long enough for you to set the explosive on the pipe.

The Traitor Tier 1 - Check the back of the building for a ladder to get inside.

The Traitor Tier 2 - There is a broken brick wall on the side of the building you can climb up to reach your objective.

The Traitor Tier 3 - The Laser Security Control panel to turn off the lasers can be accessed from an open window outside.

An Uneasy Alliance Tier 1 - The snake you need to find for this quest is right across from the cafe Tanis is in.

An Uneasy Alliance Tier 1 - "Follow the Snake" You actually don't need to follow it, just run to where it shows you

An Uneasy Alliance Tier 3, 4, 5 - For these tiers you actually need to kill Aspirants/Cultists around the camp to cause enough souls to group up around the ritual as possible to make it begin. Either that or it's buggy and this is just a way to unbug it because it's what I had to do everytime.

After tier 5 of the Uneasy Alliance. A.k.a when you finish it, head north towards the "mountain". You'll find a path leading north through the mountain and a dead Marya who will have the quest "Letters from the Front" for you.

The Sad Song Tier 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - This is a very difficult quest, even the three dot mobs inside here are extremely hard. They place this absorbtion barrier on you that kills you while you kill them. It's extremely annoying and I my/am thinking of a long guide I could post to make this place more enjoyable.

Mummy Issues Tier 1 - The Key drops from the final large mob you fight at the door, look on the ground for it, it's glowing yellow like every other clickable item.

Mummy Issues Tier 2 - Grab a parchment from the floor that's lit up and toss it into the fire in the center of the room to summon the mob you need to kill. While fighting him as he uses "Walled In" you need to get behind him and attack him to break his cast.

Mummy Issues Tier 3 - The pieces you need drop from the mobs in the area near the entrance to the tomb. The top piece drops from Rasul the Messanger, the lower left drops from the Messengers of Rib-Hadda and the right table piece drops off of.. Well I have no clue, I stopped here after grinding for 3hrs.

A modest Proposal Tier 4 - Find the owner of the sniper unit. For this quest you will take a lot of extra uneeded damage if you don't go from cover to cover. If you have a debuff and crosshairs on your head, the sniper can see you!

Sparked to Life Tier 1 - Grab a Mummy Wrapping from one of the Ancient Tomb Guardians and then head up to the door the quest points you towards. Grab a Wrapped Stick from under the torch then use the Oil lamp. After doing that you can use the flame and then use the torch which will open the door.

Emergency Protocols Tier 1 - Password is 1981

The Big Terrible Picture's Cipher Text translates into:

Path of thesun-relates not to just thesolar body, but the travel of the human-body birth to beyond

Eight flames-eight stations on the path of life? although the order is not what seemed initially obvious





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