Old Gods, New Tricks Quest Guide

This is actually one of the easiest missions there is to do in Egypt. The only hard part is tier 1 but for some reason I got stuck on a few of the later tiers. I wasn't sober and I got confused with silly directions let's just say that. The tracker you need to use for this quest is located in your inventory. It works the same way as the Hellrifts tracker from The Savage Coast. As you get closer to the target it goes off faster and more frequently. If you know where you're going using it is not a requirement for thisquest.

For the first Artifact, tier 1, you need to fall down next to the tent that the Artifact is in and pan your camera around the side of the tent to see the Artifact (as seen in the picture below). After doing this you will be able to pick up the Artifact and continue on with your quest.

Artifact Crate

For Tier 2 of Old Gods, New Tricks you need to go to the Artifact on the northern end of the cultist town from your first few quests in Egypt. By that I mean across the river and further north, closer to al-Merayah. This artifact is along side of a building and extremely easy to spot. I actually ran over to the Artifact that "slowed you", which is the next tier. As aforementioned at the start of the guide, silly directions, inebriation. After you grab the second artifact and complete that tier move onto Artifact 3 which is the one that slows down your movement speed.

Double tap a roll into this artifact to bypass the movement speed debuff. Below is a picture of where you can find this artifact on the map. After you find it, it's time to move onto a slightly more annoying artifact!

Tier 3 Artifact

For Tier 4 you need to pull the cultists away from this artifact otherwise they'll take forever to kill. Once they're out of the purple aura with the weird white symbols you'll be able to take them out without having to worry about that insanely overpowered buff they get from the artifact.





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