Black Sun, Red Sand Quest Guide

           Black Sun, Red Sand is the main questline for the Illuminati through Egypt. There are a few parts of this quest which are extremely annoying that I will go over on this page. The first part that is kind of annoying is Tier 2 which has you search the outskirts of al-Merayah for a cultist hideout. What you could do is follow a Suspicious Villager there (As seen in the picture below) or you could just go to the coordinates at 622, 377. After you follow the Suspicious Villager back to their den you will need to kill Cultist Atenists in the area.

Killing the Cultist Atenists will give you the Atenist Garb you need to wear in order to access the temple. To equip the Atenist Garb you need to press "C" to bring up your character window and once you're in there go to Dressing Room. This will allow you to wear the garb and enter the hideout. Once you're inside the hideout you'll want to take the first "hidden" passage on the left.

Suspicious Villager

The second part that is extremely annoying and where everyone gets stuck at is Tier 3 where you have to find the Suited Man's destination. After tier 2 you can "follow the suited man" but this part is ungodly buggy and most of the time the suited man doesn't even appear and when he does he just walks around town randomly. What you want to do instead is run out of town to get the quest to fail/update where all you have to do is find his destination. Or you could just run over to his destination, I guess that's easier, yeah!

You will need to go to a specific location in the city to trigger this tier to complete. Below is a picture of where the Suited Man's destination is at on the map. Look for my little arrow in the center of the picture. If you're having a hard time finding it, look right next to the large structure in the middle of the city and directly down from the "l" in al-Merayah.

Location of the Suited Mans Destination on the map

           See where I am? Good! Now for the next part you need to get close to the wall where I am at. This will trigger a cutscene which will update and complete this tier of the quest. For a picture of the wall you need to get close to, look below. See the little indentation on the wall that is a much darker brick color than the rest of the wall? This is the area you need to get close to in order to trigger the cutscene.

Suited Man's Destination

After you've triggered the cutscene you can move onto the next part! The next part is extremely annoying as well if you're not any good at jumping. For Tier 4 you need to go up to the Oxford Archaeology Digsite. Up here you need to activate a set of statues in the correct order. Some of them are easy to get too but others are extremely annoying and difficult to reach. Make sure no one else is in the area because they can mess up your quest. I had some annoying kid mess me up a few times. Anyway, the correct order for the statues is







After you activate all of them you'll need to activate Anubis. For Anubis you have to go to the front of the digsite, below where you are (where you came from). Kill a few Ghouls and then you can enter the huge door that leads to Anubis. You'll have to fight a semi difficult boss, just avoid the crap on the ground and you will survive just fine. After you complete all of the remaining parts in Scorched Desert you will be moving onto the City of the Sun Gods. The first tier out here is 6.

For this tier you have to go around to each of the statues throughout the valley and watch their cutscenes. You'll do this while you do all of the quests out there anyway so don't worry about running around and talking to them all at once. After you do this tier you have to visit the Orochi Camp and do a quick Stealth Mission here. It's not too hard; what you have to do is activate the air conditioning unit outside of the Orochi Tent to draw the guards over there.

After you do that you'll want to wait until the camera isn't looking at the front of the tent and go inside. In here you'll want to use the computer and choose option 1. Also while you're in here be sure to grab the Lore Item. After this all of the tiers are fairly easy until you have to confront the Black Pharao Akenaten at Tier 10.

Tier 10 is the final boss of the Black Sun, Red Sand quest and is extremely difficult depending on how ready you are for him. Certain builds that are lacking will struggle greatly here and anyone that can't grasp boss mechanics will also struggle here. If you're very coordinated and you can dodge attacks this boss will be ungodly easy. The two main attacks he has are the Frontal cone attack, which is extremely easy to avoid and is commonly seen throughout the game.

The next attack he has that is the one which you primarily need to avoid is his Huge AoE attack. This takes at least 25 to 30 seconds to build up but it hits almost the entire room. The only way to dodge this attack is to run across one of the three bridges in the room. After you make it past the end of the white line, once he uses the attack get back into the fight as soon as possible and burn him down.

Besides that throughout the fight he kills you and you enter the "spirit realm" where you pick a buff from one of the jars you helped out during teir 6. They all have different buffs and do different things but I just picked a random one each and every time to be honest!





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