The Kindly Ones Quest Guide

This is one of the easiest and most rewarding quests there are in Transylvania. Each tier is extremely short and ungodly easy. However the first time you do the quest there are little things that can be slightly confusing, which is where this guide comes in! The first part that you need to know for the entire quest is pop open your inventory and look for the quest item Petru's Tape Recorder. This quest item is used for every tier of the quest near the Blajini burrows/hiding areas. Keep that in mind!

Screenshot of the tape recorder is below.

Petru's Tape Recorder

Now that you know about the tape recorder there are a few other things you have to do before reaching the farmlands which is where the quest really starts. First you have to examine a map near Petru and after that go to a vantage point overlooking Olaru Farm. After you do that you'll be heading down to the Blajini hiding spots!

Once you reach Olaru Farm the thing you're going to be looking for is a little burrow in the ground. Picture a gopher burrow or anything like that, it's exactly what you're looking for. A picture of this burrow can be found below this paragraph. Once you find the burrow you need to stand ontop of it and right click Petru's Tape Recorder in your inventory to lure the Blajini out of their burrow. Sometimes there will be no Blajini in the hole and sometimes someone might have called them out to recently for you too.

Blajini Burrow

After you coax enough Blajini's out of their burrows you will be moving onto the next tier of the quest which has you using the tape recordering next to large towers of hay in the next field over. Over here there is also a chance that the Blajini may not be the only thing that comes out of the Haybails. Sometimes you can get scarecrows that come out which you have to fight. I wouldn't worry too much though their exceptionally easy and give decent experience.

After you call enough Blajini's out of their burrows here it will be time to move onto the final "confusing" part of the quest, tier 4.

Blajini Hiding Spot for Tier 3

For this part of the quest you are lead to a small little city. What you need to do here is approach the doors in the city and use Petru's Tape Recorder nearby the door in order to call the Blajini out from their hiding spots. This part of the quest may take awhile depending how many people are doing it. There are only like 5 doors you can use and most of the time they're empty.

Blajini Hiding Spot for Tier 4

After you finish this tier you will need to hear down to a waterfall area and lead the Blajini here back to town. It's actually very easy despite it sounding like a pita. Just go slow and kill any scarecrows in your way.





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