Revenge Served Hot Quest Guide

Let me start off by saying this quest is one of the hardest quests in The Besieged Farmlands of Transylvania. This should probably be marked as a group quest but it isn't. It can be solo'd but you need to be in better gear than you would be the first time you run into the quest. Probably by the time you do some PvP or Dungeons you'll be able to solo this but if it's your first go around in Transylvania turn back now without help. If you chose to continue with the quest than let's get started!

The first hard part is getting to Laurent. The werewolves along the path to him come in pairs and have 8k HP. The best advice I can give to you is try burning them down one at a time. This may work better than trying to AoE them down. Laurent, the guy you're looking for, is at the far end of the path in a cave all by himself. Below is a screenshot of his location and him. Use my minimap for the best guidance on this part.

Revenge Served Hot tier 2 - Laurent is located at the end of the cave all by himself

Laurents Location

For the next tier you need to go further into the cave by the Filth Infested Lake. Over here you will find a Den Alpha guarding a torch which is sitting on a little concrete platform. Also in the screenshot below you can see a little item on the ground next to the Den Alpha. This is the Cellphone that you need to pick up. Kill the Den Alpha and grab the Cellphone to complete this tier of the quest. The best piece of advice I can give for this part of the quest is help someone if they're fighting the Den Alpha. Don't just grab the phone and run.

On the same note, group up with anyone you see doing this quest. Seriously, by now you probably realized it's pretty darn hard for a non-grup quest.

Revenge Served Hot Tier 3 - For this tier you need to go to the torch by the filth filled lake. It's guarded by the Den Alpha

Tier 3 Location

The last part of the quest that is semi confusing is tier 4. What you need to do for Tier 4 is find an Experimenter and then kill her. The Experimenter can be found to the left of the stairs going up, not up the stairs themselves. You're going to be going up there next. Below is a picture of the Experimenter that you need to kill.

Revenge Served Hot Tier 4 - The mobs you need are to the left of the stairs, NOT up them. Don't make the same mistake almost everyone does!!

The Experimented Tier 4





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