Lord of the Flies Quest Guide

Despite this quest seeming bugged or otherwise impossible once you learn how to do it you'll actually be surprised at how easy it is. I mean sure it's still in the middle of some of the most annoying mobs in the game but keeping that in mind, this quest isn't so bad. The reason it seems bugged is because nothing happens when you inspect a Fetid Pile thing. It gives you a debuff but no quest update. Well, what you actually need to do in order to complete tier 1 is to inspect 5 piles before the debuff expires.

Since the mobs here are so annoying I am not going to lie to you, yeah this is a pretty difficult quest to do alone. In order to do this quest you'll need to clear out a few of the bugs in the area and free up a few Fetid Piles for you to inspect before having to clear trash. You have 1 minute in between each pile before the buff expires. It's important that you move quick for this quest because if the buff expires you'll need to start all over with finding 5 puddles.

Once you grab all 5 an Insect Golem will spawn. Kill him and then all that's left is going back to town and turning the quest into Milosh.




















































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