In Cold Blood Quest Guide

In Cold Blood is an extremely easy quest that you accept from the church in the Besieged Farmlands of Transylvania. The only difficult part of this quest is the door that requires a code for entry. The code is told to you on the very, very first part of the quest when you read the book. It's 90078. Below is a screenshot of it from the book you read during the first tier

Besides the code there isn't much that is too difficult about this quest. That is at least until the very last tier. For the very last tier of this quest you need to open up your inventory and use the Wooden Stake out of it on the Vampires when they become incapacitated. You'll notice when they're ready to be staked because they will stop attacking and a bluish purple black globe will be floating over their head. It's quite easy to figure out what I am talking about and it's not like the Vampires are that hard anyway.

Once again, here is the code for In Cold Blood. Just incase... Juuuuust incasee....





































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