Crossroads Quest Guide

This is an extremely annoying quest and is one of the hardest most annoying quests in The Shadowy Forest part of Transylvania. Before we got started I just felt you should be warned.

For the first part of the quest upon reaching the Hellscape you need to find and kill a Tactician of the Tuning. The Tactician of the Tunings can be found wandering the roads of the Hellscaped area. They don't seem to have a notable spawn point and their patrol points seem to be every road in the "heart" of the Hellscape area. Upon killing a Tactician of Tuning he will drop Hellsoldier Plans which you will need to right click on in order to complete this tier of your quest.

The Hellscape Plans drop on the ground and disappear within 30 seconds so look around and find it quick or you're going to have to find and kill another Tactician of the Tuning.

After you kill a Tactician of the Tuning and read the Hellsoldier Plans you will need to close 3 Shifting Hellrifts. Now there are more than 1 type of Hellrift in the area so you have to check what type of rift you're closing before you close it. Mouse over the Hellrift and hold your mouse there briefly until it pops up and tells you what type of Hellrift it is. Once you see the name of the Hellrift proceed with closing it if it's a Shifting Hellrift. Below is a picture of what I mean by how to check if it is a Shifting Hellrift or not.

The Shifting Hellrifts tend to spawn and despawn all throughout the camp. The key to finding the Hellrift is look for Hellrifts that don't fit in with the rest of the landscape. The Shifting Hellrifts will usually be away from the more structured Hellrifts by the other Hellrifts that look nothing like the Shifting Hellrifts. Confused? Jeeze me too. All I am trying to say is look for the Hellrifts not being guarded by two guys holding their hands up, these are the Shifting Ones. The aforementioned ones are used in the next tier.

For Tier 3 of the quest you need to close the big Hellrifts in three different locations around the camp (screenshot of these rifts below). In order to close these rifts you need to close the two rifts nearby being "worshipped" by the Hell Soldiers. The two rifts are also in the screenshot below. Closing each of these Rifts will cause 1 guard to spawn so keep that in mind before you close one. Also I'd like to add that the rifts seem to have a very short respawn timer. Something like two minutes. And since you have to close both of them to summon the boss... Move quick!





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