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TSW Transylvania Cheat Sheet - A Guide to all the quests

Of the Forest Tier 2 - Find something to seal the pipe (In the southeastern end of the little ghoul area/quest are you will find 3 barrels with metal lids on them. Take a lid to complete this stage)

A Ghoulish Feast - Tier 1 For this quest you have to look inside the barns to find where the ghouls are burrowing.

A Ghoulish Feast Tier 2 - Burn the rotting corpses; you can find the corpses behind the barns usually or on the road but they will always be under one of the old withered looking trees which are used for the next part of the quest.

A Ghoulish Feast "Kill A Ghoul Under a Tree" For this part of the quest you have to kill a ghoul underneath one of the withered tree looking things A picture can be found here

A Body of Work Tier 1 - Locate the Medical Supply Crate and the Weapons Cache. Both of these are somewhat difficult to find, so use this page with my pictures here

In Cold Blood Code is 90078

The Gathering - You can hide in the metal plates to be safe from the snipers if you need too.

The Girl who cried wolf tier 3 - go upstairs and inspect the laptop

The Kindly Ones Tier 1 - Coax the Blajini out of their burrows. For this quest you need to use Petru's tape Recorder while standing ontop of one of the burrows

The Kindly Ones Tier 3 - You have to do it on the hay bails for this tier

The Kindly Ones Tier 4 - For this tier you have to use the tape recorder next to the doors of the houses.

The Uncorrupted - Search for an Uncorrupted Fawn; Tier 1, for this quest you have to go to the cusp of the area by northern rocky end and move the large boulder to find the fawn. All that's left is to protect the little bugger as you head back to the crazy lady in the tree.

A Necessary Evil Tier 1 - Look behind Dimir at the table for the notes to learn how they run their farm.

Crossroads Tier 1 - Intercept a Tactician of the Tuning; these mobs can be found walking the paths randomly throughout the camp

Crossroads Tier 2 - Mouse over the hellrifts and hold your mouse there breifly to check what type of hellrift it is. Not all of them are Shifting Hellrifts, some of them are Equillibratory as well. The Shifting Hellrifts tend to be away from the others

Crossroads Tier 3 - You'll need to close both of the portals here that look like Shifting Hellrifts before you'll be able to close the main portal.

Lord of the Flies Tier 1 - This quest actually isn't bugged, what you need to do for this quest is investigate the Fetid Puddles all around the area. They will put a debuff on you which lasts for 1 minute. During this debuff you will need to keep investigating the Fetid Puddles until it stacks up to whatever the quest feels it should before updating. It seems to usually update around 5.

Six Feet Under Tier 2, 3, 4 - The crates you need to find for this quest and all the supplies are usually inside of the ghoul burrows. There is also a side quest you can do here which requires you to collect intelligence out of the burrows.

Revenge Served Hot tier 2 - Laurent is located at the end of the cave all by himself.

Revenge Served Hot Tier 3 - For this tier you need to go to the torch by the filth filled lake. It's guarded by the Den Alpha.

Revenge Served Hot Tier 4 - The mobs you need are to the left of the stairs, NOT up them. Don't make the same mistake almost everyone does!!

The Girl Who Cried Wolf Tier 6 - You have to be standing outside to reinforce the lower level ward. If you step inside it won't let you click it

The Girl Who Cried Wolf Tier 6 - The Mid level Ward is, obviously, about half way up the tower. Stare intently at the screen and wait for the arrow to pop up guiding you to your quest objective. Then you'll know you're close. I think it is like 7 or 8 flights of stairs to reach the ward

Red Hands Aren't Idle Hands Quest Guide

This quest is found near the last tier of the Foul Banquet quest and is a prerequisite for another quest thus making it extremely important you don't miss it. Foul Banquet is one of the two quests available at the Church in the Besieged Farmlands and is extremely easy to do.

Exit Strategy Tier 2 - In order to reach the Helicopter or for the the quest to update when you get near it you will want to take the path nearby the quest giver. Don't worry where you see the map kind of end, it's just a tunnel that the road goes through.

Deathless Tier 2 - For this tier you need to kill the Deathless in the area until it updates. There is no set amount, one time I spent 20 minutes killing and another time I spent just 2. When this tier updates though you'll need to protect an owl who is setting up a barrier.

Deathless Tier 4 - This is another tier where you have to drive the Deathless from the courtyard. Kill them just like before to drive them from the courtyard

Deathless Tier 5 - The abilities you will be using in Deathless form can be found in your inventory.

Deathless Tier 5 - Destroy the Angel statues outside of the church to gain access. Once you destroy 4 angel statues you'll be able to access the church





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