Transylvania Farming Guides

           Transylvania is the first "endgame" zone players will come to. Here you will be greatly tested with both your build, playstyle and gear. Some quests are going to be extremely hard and so will some monsters so don't be scared and group up with other players if you see them. As for the loot in Transylvania, it's all pretty darn nice. Everything you find here will be QL10 and worth some decent money to the right person. That's why farming here is going to be the best place you can possible spend time farming.

           Much like the previous areas you ventured through in The Secret World, Transylvania is split into different sections. The first one you come out too is the Besieged Farmlands. After you do all of the quests here and follow your story mission further you will end up in The Shadowy Forest. This area has some really annoying mobs like the Faithless which are exactly the same as those annoying wraiths that heal themselves during The Haunting mission in Blue Mountains or the Innsmouth Academy at The Savage Coast.

           The final area of Transylvania is Carpathian Fangs. This area currently has the best farming location in the game which is the Accursed Ice mobs near the entrance of the zone. These mobs drop loot 100% of the time since they are Rares. Go ahead, read up, you won't be disappointed! Go there before it gets nerfed!

Besieged Farmlands Farming Locations

AoE Wolves

Scarecrows (All Single Target)

Vampires (Packs some AoE some single target)

The Shadowy Forest Farming Locations

None as of now, will look around this zone soon!

Coltii Mountains Farming Locations

Accursed Ice (Best Farming Location in the game)

- Really rought draft of Transylvania's Besieged Farmlands Map -

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