Consumables Crafting Guide


           Consumables are the bread and butter of The Secret World and their Crafting System. They are the easiest things to make in the game primarily because gathering the materials and the toolkit itself is so easy for crafting pots. Consumable Toolkits can be purchased from any Chemist NPC vendor located in almost every single main hub's town in the game. It doesn't matter if you're on Soloman's Island, Egypt or Transylvania. Finding a Chemist will be relatively easy.

Also one big bonus is all chemists in the game carry all QL Toolkits in the game. It doesn't matter if you're at the Blue Mountains on Soloman's Island, you can still buy QL10 Consumable Toolkits here!

           For the most part the toolkits are fairly cheap. You are usually paying a little under a thousand Pax for each quality level you want the potion to be. At least until QL 10 when they take a huge jump and you're paying exactly 1k Pax for each QL. It may seem like a total rip off to spend this money on just a single consumable but each and every combine to make a potion rewards the player with 3 potions instead of just one!

Below is a picture of all the toolkit prices. Click on the picture to enlarge it and read the text better if you need too.

Consumable Toolkits

           Now that you know all about the toolkits required it's time to talk about the materials and the actual crafting process. Of course depending on what type of potion you'd like to make the materials will vary. If you'd like a HoT(Heal over Time) potion you will need Water materials. The level of the toolkit you're trying to use will also be directly tied into the level of materials you need. If you're using a QL 10 toolkit you'll need Pure materials, the highest level materials in the game.

           Something else that is important to keep in mind too is that you can't make half a certain type of potion and half another type like you can do with Glyphs. You need all of the same materials in the window and in the right order in order for the potion to work properly. The second part to crafting items, as aforementioned, is putting them into the window in the right order. Much like every other item you craft in the game you have to kind of make a picture of what the item looks like. In this case, you need to make what looks like a potion in the window.

Here is a picture of the exact order you need to line up your materials!

Potion Assembly Order

           See? It's pretty easy to do and once you memorize the patterns, no big deal! It's almost easier than searching through hundreds of different items for the one you want to make! If you're now curious what materials make what through crafting, luckily I've got a quick little cheat sheet for that too! Below is a list of every single crafting material in the game and what type of potion it will make when combining it together in the crafting window.

List of all Tradeskill Materials and their Consumable Effects

Pure WaterWater: HoT Potion

Pure FireFire: Leech Potion

Pure MetalMetal: Barrier Pot

Pure DustDust: Healing Pot

Pure yggdrasil RuneYggdrasil Rune: Evade Rating Potion

Pure Wheel RuneWheel Rune: Hit Rating Potion

Pure Trinity RuneTrinity Rune: Penetration Rating Potion

Pure denkyem RuneDenkyem Rune: Crit Damage Potion

Pure Pentagram RunePentagram Rune: Magical Protection Potion

Pure Wedjat RuneWedjat Rune: Defense Rating Potions

Pure lu RuneLu Rune: Critical Hit Potion

That's pretty much all there is to crafting consumables that I can think of. I may make a video of how to do it soon, covering everything this guide does. We'll see how much time I have.





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