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           The Secret World's Crafting System is one of the most unique and original crafting systems I have seen in years. At first the system seems extremely complicated and confusing but once you experiement a little bit everything will just fall into place. There is no crafting interface for this game that displays a list of recipes for you. It is very oldschool in the sense that you have to figure out everything for yourself. There are also no Tradeskill or Crafting levels. You can craft anything you want at any time with no chance of failing or anything like that as long as you have the materials.

           That brings us to the materials and the way items are made. This game does it so totally different than I have ever seen it done before. In order to craft an item what you need to do is put your materials into the crafting window in a specific order to craft whatever item it is you'd like to craft. The order they need to be put in depends totally on the item you're looking to make. What you have to do is make a picture of the item you want to craft in order to craft it. To see what I mean scroll down to my Crafting Combines Guide. This guide will give you a list of all the combines you can do with the Crafting Window!

           The main way that players will gather materials in The Secret World is through Disassembly. In order to do this you will want to put an item into the Results tab of the Crafting Window(Y). After doing that it will show you a complete list of all the materials you get as well as the order they would need to be combined in if you decided to make an item just like that one. Upgrading Crafting Materials is done via the Crafting Window as well!

           For upgrading materials what you need to do is put 5 of that item into the window and then from there hit assemble. This will upgrade them to the next highest rank. Note you can put any amount in the window, like 53 of one type that you'd like to upgrade. It will let you click assemble until there are not 5 in the window to upgrade anymore.

           Ultimately Crafting in TSW has a huge learning curve but is extremely easy once you learn everything that's going on. It's unique and I have tons of guides explaining how crafting works so, why not? Give it a try!

The highest level materials in the game are "Pure <insert material type here>". So as an example, Pure Metal, Pure Fire, Pure Water.

TSW Crafting Guides

These guides will teach you the ins-and-outs of crafting that are required.

Crafting Combines Guide

Disassembly Guide

Consumable Crafting Guide

Glyph Crafting Guide

Gadget Crafting Guide

List of Crafting Materials

Pure FireFire - Used for making Offensive Talismans / Leech Potions

Pure Trinity RuneRunes - Used for making Glyphs / Potions

Pure MetalMetal - Used for making ALL Weapons & Barrier Potions

Pure WaterWater - Used for making Tanking Talismans & HoT Potions

Pure DustDust - Used for making Healing Talismans and Potions

End Game Crafting

           I see that many people out there are interested to learn how most of the best items are made through Crafting. Well I am not 100% experience so far but I can give you the jist of how things work. In order to make a QL10 item that is anything above green you need a QL10 BLUE toolkit; more commonly known as QL10.1 or QL10.5 whatever kids are calling it these days. Just ask for a QL10 BLUE Toolkit and they will know what you mean.

           With the Blue Toolkit you will want to put all the Pure quality materials it requires in the order it requires in the crafting window. With the toolkit and all of your items you'll have a blue quality item. For an epic quality item rinse and repeat the same process but with an Epic Toolkit. Now your question probably is "Where do I get blue and epic toolkits?" well the answer to that is drops from mobs inside and outside of Dungeons and through the PvP Tokens. I am sure there are other places but those are the main two I know of.

If all else fails you can buy them from other players for about 100k each. 100k for the blue ones that is. The epic QL ones are upwards of 600 - 800k Pax. A bit expensive but well worth it.



Crafting F.A.Qs/Tips

+ Crafted Items have Glyph Slots!





















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