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The Secret World

           The Secret World is an MMORPG created by Funcom which was released July 3rd 2012. This MMORPG is one of the first MMORPGs in the last decade to get rid of the typical "leveling" system most MMORPGs are enslaved by today and take a completely new and innovative route. For The Secret World(TSW) getting experience rewards you with Skill Points(SP) and Ability Points(AP). Both of these are spent like currency to improve your character and buy new abilities.

           I guess you can say that's what caught my attention with The Secret World. The fact that this game is not only completely different than any other MMORPG out there in it's gameplay but it also is completely different in everyway possible in it's setting. It is set in a modern world where everything we've come to know is real. Ghosts, Demons, Transylvania, Zeus, The Illuminati, you name it, it's real in this game. It's never been done before and so far I love it.

           Since leveling is so complex and all quests are repeatable I probably won't do full leveling guides but we'll see. As for now, here are lists to all my current The Secret World Guides. This page is for those people with Internet Explorer *shivers* that can't get my wonderful drop down menus to work.

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The Secret World Quest Guides

           This is going to be my first guide that I make for this game. It isn't going to be in any particular order but I'll make this page similar to a cheat sheet for beating the game. All the codes, videos to quests and things such as that will be found here. As you could imagine this page will contain many spoilers for the game and shouldn't be read if you would like to figure things out yourself.

           If you want to research things in this game on your own remember to press "B" which will bring up the in-game internet window where you can do research on some of the fake companies in the game. Using the built in internet isn't a requirement if you don't want to research the quests yourself. Most of the information or spoilers for these quests can be found online, one of those sources being here.


Soloman Island Quest Guides

Dirty Laundry

A Sacred Place

ATC - Under Construction

Black Helicopters - Under Construction

A Reasonable Man

Dear Reader

Captains Log

Men In Black Vans - Under Construction

Runaway Lights

The Light That Blinds

Echoes in Eternity

Homeland Insecurity

Tomb Raider - Under Construction

The Filth


The Haunting

They Are Called Darkness

Soloman's Island Cheat Sheet

Egypt Quest Guides

Angels and Demons

An Uneasy Alliance

Black Sun, Red Sand

The Bomb Squad

Friends and Neighbours


Live Free, Die Hard

Mummy Issues

Old Golds, New Tricks

The Sad Song

The Traitor

From Oxford, With Love

Sparked to Life

A Modest Proposal

Emergency Protocols

Egypt Cheat Sheet

Transylvania Quest Guides

A Body of Work

A Ghoulish Feast

A Necessary Evil


In Cold Blood

Lord of the Flies

Of the Forest

Revenge Served Hot

Six Feet Under

The Kindly Ones

The Uncorrupted


Red Hands Aren't Idle Hands

The Girl Who Cried Wolf

Transylvania Cheat Sheet






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