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           This page is my way of paying back anyone who has made a donation to Almar's Guides or to anyone who has gone out of their way to assist me in writing guides for all of you. You can ask for your character's name, server and guild affiliation to be posted on this page (or) you can ask me to link to your blog, website/youtube channel or twitch stream from this page.

           So long as you aren't asking me to link to a website that could get me in trouble or something that is inappropriate I will have no problem with it. Also, this page is very likely to stay active forever and I have no intention of removing donators from this list or their projects. When you submit a donation to me through Paypal or on Patreon, if you'd like a shout out on this page you'll have to let me know what to link to (if anything) and what to say.

Note: I won't link to something like a personal Facebook page or something similar to that. Primarily because you have no real way of proving that it's your Facebook without sending me a picture of your driver's license or something crazy like that; it could be someone who you actually don't like and you just want their FB spread around for whatever the reason may be. I will link to something like your character's Magelo though if you want that.


Gortar/Lyona - Firiona Vie - He has donated more of his time to helping me and Almar's Guides than anyone else.


Isuli - Firiona Vie - Another person who has donated a lot of their personal time to Almar's Guides.

























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