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Virtua Tennis Guides and Walkthroughs

Virtua Tennis, also known as Power Smash in Japan, is a tennis simulation video game developed and published by Sega. The game was first released in arcades in 1999, and later ported to the Dreamcast console in 2000. Virtua Tennis features realistic tennis gameplay that allows players to control their favorite professional tennis players as they compete in various tournaments around the world. The game features both singles and doubles matches, and players can choose from a variety of real-life tennis stars such as Andre Agassi, Lindsay Davenport, and Tim Henman.

The game's intuitive controls and realistic physics made it a hit with both casual gamers and tennis enthusiasts alike. The Dreamcast version of Virtua Tennis also included a number of additional game modes, including a career mode where players could create their own custom player and work their way up the rankings. Virtua Tennis received critical acclaim upon its release, with reviewers praising its realistic gameplay, accessible controls, and impressive graphics and sound. The game went on to spawn several sequels and spin-offs, and is considered one of Sega's most successful arcade-to-console ports.


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