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Fire Pro Wrestling D Guides and Walkthroughs

Fire Pro Wrestling D is a professional wrestling video game released for the Dreamcast console in 2001 by Spike Chunsoft. It features a deep and intricate wrestling system with a wide variety of moves, grappling techniques, and strategies that allows players to simulate realistic wrestling matches. The game offers a robust roster of wrestlers, including both real-life professional wrestlers and original characters, with customizable appearances, movesets, and attributes.

Players can compete in various game modes, including exhibition matches, tournaments, and career mode, where they can rise through the ranks and become a wrestling champion. Fire Pro Wrestling D also features a comprehensive editing mode, allowing players to create their own wrestlers, rings, and events. The game boasts pixel art graphics and a unique visual style, accompanied by a rich soundtrack that enhances the wrestling atmosphere. With its deep gameplay mechanics, extensive customization options, and authentic wrestling experience, Fire Pro Wrestling D is a must-play title for wrestling fans and Dreamcast gamers alike.



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