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Coaster Works Guides and Walkthroughs

Coaster Works is a simulation video game released by Xicat Interactive in 2000 for the Sega Dreamcast console. Developed by Bimboosoft, a Japanese game studio known for their simulation and strategy games, Coaster Works puts players in the role of a roller coaster designer and operator. In Coaster Works, players take on the challenge of designing, building, and operating their own roller coasters in a virtual amusement park. The game features a variety of tools and options for creating custom roller coasters, including different types of tracks, supports, and decorations. Players can test their coasters in different weather conditions and times of day, adjust various parameters such as speed and intensity, and fine-tune their designs to create the ultimate coaster experience for virtual park visitors.

Coaster Works also includes a career mode, where players can take on different scenarios and challenges, such as designing coasters with specific requirements, managing park finances, and attracting visitors. The game offers a sandbox mode for creative freedom and experimentation, as well as a mission mode with objectives and goals to complete.


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