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Chicken Run Guides and Walkthroughs

Chicken Run is a video game based on the popular animated film of the same name. Developed by Eidos Interactive, the game was released in 2000 for various platforms, including PlayStation, Game Boy Color, and PC. The game follows the story of a group of chickens attempting to escape from a farm and avoid being turned into pies by the evil farmer. Players control the main characters, Ginger and Rocky, as they navigate through various levels and complete challenging puzzles, platforming sequences, and stealth-based missions to progress in their escape plan.

The game features a combination of action, adventure, and puzzle-solving gameplay, with levels based on locations from the movie, such as the chicken farm, the pie machine, and the circus. Chicken Run also includes mini-games and bonus content, adding to the replayability and fun factor of the game. With its unique premise, engaging gameplay, and charming graphics, Chicken Run offers an enjoyable gaming experience for fans of the movie and those who enjoy platforming and puzzle-solving games.



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