Dark Reign - An End to the Storms

an end to the storms YaLir

This is the final raid of Tier 4 DoN progression. Ya'Lir is extremely easy to kill and will not give you much of any trouble whatsoever. Though, there are a few tips I can give you. The first is when you run into the room, run around to the sides that way when Ya'Lir does his knockback you get blown into the wall and not outside of the room. If you're boxing this event on more than one character make sure they're in the room well enough to where they won't get blown out either.

Once the boss reaches 75% health or around there no one will be able to enter the room again. This means anyone who got blown out of the room can not loot a Ya'Lir's Fang to finish the fourth tier of DoN progression. I had this problem the first time I did the boss with my 6 box. I was pretty upset.

Aside from that though, this boss is easy peasy. He hits like crap and you could run into the room and let a pet kill him while you went AFK if you wanted too. After he's dead loot the Fangs from him that you need and head back to the Dark Reign camp, turning it in for a character flag.




Note: If you're playing on Phinigel as you can tell this guide is written for players wayyy beyond your current expansion. If you'd like please leave comments below for players YOUR level and I will add them to the guide - thanks in advance for anyone who actually does!!