Dark Reign - Knowledge is Power

For this task you have to venture to Thundercrest Isles, which is just off of The Broodlands. Here you need to find large terracotta statues and kill them. Each of these mobs have a chance of dropping one or two different types of scrolls. One is Ancient Scroll of Knowledge and the other is Ancient Scroll of Wisdom.

Please keep in mind you need the Ancient Scroll of Knowledges for this quest, not Ancient Scroll of Wisdom. Only these terracotta mobs drop the items you need so they're the only ones you'll want to focus on killing.

You can find a lot of them around the center of the zone as well as over on the eastern part of the zone (if you go through the hut in the middle of the zone you can get up to a bridge that leads you over to the eastern end of the zone. If it is just you doing the quest you'll find enough stone statues in the center of the area, if you're boxing it you'll need to go east).

On the map below all of the blue is where you can find the terracotta statues. The blue arrow is the entrance to the building to go east.





What you're looking for:




Note: If you're playing on Phinigel as you can tell this guide is written for players wayyy beyond your current expansion. If you'd like please leave comments below for players YOUR level and I will add them to the guide - thanks in advance for anyone who actually does!!