Dark Reign - Calling Emoush

Emoush the Destroyer

Calling Emoush is the first raid you come across in Dark Reign. It's a bit of a nightmare if you don't have good damage since Emoush full heals a couple of times and the Mystics you have to kill will respawn over and over if you fail to down Emoush in the amount of time you have. If you're wondering where Emoush is and the pictures weren't a big enough give away, he is at the far northern end of Tirranun's Delve; the same place where you killed the Goblin Taskmaster and Basilisks for previous quests.

As far as the strategy I use for him, I blow up all three of the Mystics protecting him and then blow up Emoush. As aforementioned if you're lacking in DPS you won't be able to blow him up and that will cause some issues since not only will he go invulnerable after so long and you'll have to kill the Mystics again, he also fully heals if you get him too low and don't have the DPS to finish him off. This can be a nightmare for a non DPS class, so I strongly recommend you bring a friend or two if you're a cleric or a class without good dps.

After you kill Emoush loot his corpse and collect the item you need before returning to camp and turning it in. That's all there is to this quest!

Mystic GriknokUnconscious Mystic



Note: If you're playing on Phinigel as you can tell this guide is written for players wayyy beyond your current expansion. If you'd like please leave comments below for players YOUR level and I will add them to the guide - thanks in advance for anyone who actually does!!