Dark Reign - Have Note Will Travel

For this Shared Task you need to kill Goblins inside the instanced version of Tirranun's Delve to spawn the Goblin Task Master. He spawns after a random number of kills, you'll get an emote when he spawns so keep an eye out. He spawns up by where you killed the Basilisks for one of the previous solo tasks.

Kill him and loot the Letter from Tirranun. After you loot it more Goblins will spawn between where you are now and where you entered the instance at. Kill them on your way out then you're done the task.




What you're looking for:



Note: If you're playing on Phinigel as you can tell this guide is written for players wayyy beyond your current expansion. If you'd like please leave comments below for players YOUR level and I will add them to the guide - thanks in advance for anyone who actually does!!