Dark Reign - Drake Menace

Drake Egg

For this task you need to go to the Broodlands. Once you zone into the Broodlands (north out of Lavastorm Mountains) follow the blue line on your compass to your quest objective. (If you don't currently have your compass up hold ALT down and press D (Alt + D)).

For this task you need to run through the Lavaspinner's Lair and stop by each of the Drake Eggs you see (a picture of them can be found above). You'll need to kill 15 of these eggs which will eventually lead to the Drake Matriarch spawning. She's just as easy as the rest of the drakes to kill. Kill her and you're done the task.

Drake Matriarch






Note: If you're playing on Phinigel as you can tell this guide is written for players wayyy beyond your current expansion. If you'd like please leave comments below for players YOUR level and I will add them to the guide - thanks in advance for anyone who actually does!!