How to Play A Warrior (RoF - Current)

            This guide is designed to help anyone out there who would like to learn how to play a Warrior on live servers or TLPs RoF or later. It talks about which cooldowns you'll want to use and put on your bars as well as which cooldowns stack well with other cooldowns and which don't.

            For those of you who don't know already - Warriors are the best tank in the game. Not only are their cooldowns superior to SKs and Paladins but they also take slightly less damage than SKs and Paladins with each hit due to increased mitigation. The only raid boss tank is a Warrior tank!

            As for actually playing a Warrior, well, for people on live servers it's going to be an extremely daunting task learning this complex class. Warriors have over a dozen different abilities that you have to learn when is the right time to use them and remember which stacks with which and which doesn't. If played correctly a good Warrior can survive even the toughest sphincter clenching encounters.

            I've split this guide into three parts, the first part is going to go over every cooldown that is useful to a Warrior. The second part is going to talk about which cooldowns stack well with each other and which do not. In the last part of the guide I will type out a few hypothetical fights and talk about which cooldowns I use and in which order and why.



3/27/19 - I am currently working on my class guides, please give me a week or so and there should be material here. If there isn't then please leave a comment below yelling at me and I should finish it.


Primary Cooldowns:

Culminating Stand Discipline (Last Stand/Final Stand) - This is arguably the most important Warrior cooldown of them all. It reduces incoming base melee damage by 45% and has a chance of providing you a rune when you're struck which absorbs 20k damage. When you fight a tough enemy this is the main cooldown you'll be using.

Pain Doesn't Hurt (No Time to Bleed) - This is arguably the second most important Warrior cooldown though some could argue that it is better than Culminating Stand - especially when you're tanking multiple enemies. What this cooldown does is absorbs a portion of all incoming melee/spell damage (up to a certain amount of damage of each hit - not the whole hit) and lasts for 3min, has 600 charges and a ~5min cooldown. Pain Doesn't Hurt and Culminating Stand both stack and using both at the same time will make every Warrior tough as nails.

Armor of Tenacious Runes - If you are fighting a named you know doesn't hit very hard - or you've pulled a group of three or four enemies and you don't want to use Culminating Stand at this very moment; these are the times when you'll want to use Armor of Tenacious Runes. It's basically a weaker version of Culminating Stand. This also stacks with Pain Doesn't Hurt.

Fortitude Discipline - One of the oldest Warrior cooldowns in the game that is still used today. Fort makes you invulnerable to all melee FRONTAL attacks for 12 seconds. Enemies behind you or off to either side of you can still strike you through fortitude as will spells but aside from that you'll be completely unharmed.

Flash of Anger - Also known as Ghetto Fort by some. This ability is a 6 second long Fortitude Discipline with a minute and a half cooldown. Typically I use this at the start of all hard fights the moment I engage the named enemy. This will help you survive the first few hits as you position the boss and pop your cooldowns.


Secondary Cooldowns:

Warrior's Bastion -

Warlord's Bravery -

Warlord Tenacity -

Fundament: Third Spire of the Warlord -

Resplendent Glory -

Mark of the Mage Hunter -

Resolute Defense -


DPS/ADPS Cooldowns:

Wars Sheol's Heroic Blade -

Imperator's Precision -

Rage of Rallos Zek -

Warlord's Fury -

Rage of the Forsaken -

Biting Tongue Discipline -


Buffs/Aura Cooldowns:

Field Champion -

Champion's Aura -


Cooldown Stacking Issues:




Warrior Mock Fights











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