The Burning Sword - Act 5 Story Quest

The Burning Sword Quest Start

The Burning Sword is the final quest in Act 5 of Titan Quest: Ragnarok and begins by speaking with Mimer in Mimer's Maze immediately after defeating him. Speaking with Mimer will both complete the previous quest, The Wisest Being as well as begin this one.

For the first part of this quest you will need to return to the Yggdrasil Glade through the Portal Mimer opens then continue east through Yggdrasil Root to reach the Silver Shore where you will find a fast travel Portal. This is the last fast travel Portal in Act 5 and is the closest one to the final boss.

In order to reach the final boss, Surtr, you'll first need to obtain the Fire Relic which drops from Sinmara in the Fire Shrine. You can find the Fire Shrine in the northwestern portion of Eldr Fields, a map location is below. Surtr is found in the large castle-like structure of Land's End in northeastern Eldr Fields.

Eldr Fields Map Locations

Lands End Loki Opening Portal to Greece

When you first enter Land's End you will come face to face with Loki who is in disguse as Ylva again. Loki will open up a Portal for you which if you click on it will take you back to Greece and roll the credits. To begin the fight with Ylva/Loki just ignore the Portal and run north to the locked door - Loki will engage you and the fight will begin.

For the most part this boss fight is like a high powered normal mob. Loki doesn't have any super unique mechanics but he does deal a ton of damage and you'll want to pay attention to your health during the fight. During the first phase you will be fighting Ylva who has many Hunting abilities and uses a Spear/Shield. Since she uses a Spear you should expect most of the incoming damage to be Physical and Pierce.

Phase 2: Once you bring Ylva down to 50% health she will transform into Loki and switch from Melee to Casting. This is where the fight gets a little more complicated. A list of the abilities you should expect from Loki are below.

Recommended Resistances: Pierce, Fire and Vitality

Loki's Attacks:

Fireball Split: His standard staff attack. One Fireball goes in a straight line and one of the others go left and right. Easy to dodge if you aren't melee.

Distant Fireballs: Loki will have the lava/fire pits to the northeast shoot Fireballs at you during the fight. These work a lot like Volcanic Orb the Earth Mastery ability. When they make contact with the ground they will break apart into multiple little Fireballs that deal damage in a small area around impact.

Red Ring of Death: Much like the good ol' X-box issue, Loki will occasionally create a red ring of death around himself that does very high Vitality damage to anyone close.

There is a chance that Loki may have dropped the item Loki's Wand for you, this is a quest item which has no obvious purpose. Loki's Wand is actually part of a Hidden Quest, if you'd like to learn more about this quest and how to complete it check out my Loki's Wand Hidden Quest Guide for more information.

With Loki defeated you'll be able to enter Land's End and challenge Surtr, the final boss of Act 5. There is only a single portion of a Side Quest left for you to complete in Act 5 too and it takes place on the Land's End - Armory floor. Follow the link below for more information on the Side Quest.

Side Quests In Area:

Legendary Craftsmanship (Land's End - Armory)

Surtr Final Boss of Act 5

Surtr is the boss in Land's End and he is a large Fire Giant/Fire Elemental. This fight has two distinct phases; the first is the 'ground phase' where Surtr looks the same as all the previous Fire Giants that you fought and can walk around on land. His second phase, the 'fire elemental' phase, Surtr will become a Fire Elemental (pictured above) and his body will be half submerged into the lava.

During the second phase of this fight Surtr will submerge every time you reduce his health by 25% and come up in a different pool of lava. He starts at 100% in the pool of lava off to the east (shown in my screenshot above) then switches to the northeastern pool of lava and finally the northwestern which is where he dies.

All in all the fight with Surtr will be surprisingly easy for most people. Your fights with Typhon and Hades will have been significantly harder, especially the Typhon fight as he is by far the most difficult boss in the entire game. Since Surtr is the final boss in the game as of the Ragnarok expansion he has access to a really good loot table, sadly though due to how long it takes to kill this boss and the drop rate of gear from him he is typically not farmed. If you'd like to learn more information about farming this boss check out my Surtr Farming Location for more information.

(Phase 1) Fire Wall: Surtr conjures up a fire wall from a pit of fire and throws it at you. Deals Fire Damage.

(Phase 1) Eruption: Works just like the Earth ability does. Creates a small fissure on the ground that spits our fire orbs. Deals Fire Damage.

(Phase 1) Fire Armor: He puts a small ring of fire around himself. It seems like this ability damages you when you are close to him but I am unsure. Doesn't last long.

(Phase 2) Ground Smack: He will slam his two hands into the ground smacking it. Deals high Physical Damage to anyone hit by it. I think he only uses this ability when you are within melee range.

(Phase 2) Lobbing Fire Ball: Surtr throws a dark red Fire Ball at you that creates a circle of red on the ground that deals damage to anyone standing in it. Both the Fire Ball and the spot on the ground deal Fire Damage. I think he only uses this ability when you are at range from him.

(Phase 2) Molten Rock Throw: The other thing Surtr likes to throw at people is molten rocks. These explode on impact and shoot out a bunch of miniature rocks kind of like the Molten Orb Earth Ability. I'd assume it deals Physical and Fire Damage like that ability too.

Once Surtr has been defeated a portal will open up to Asgard, go through it and speak with anybody here that you wish for some lore and congrats on beating the game. When you're ready to finish the game for realsies speak with Wodan then go through the portal he opens next to him. You've now completed Titan Quest: Ragnarok!