Medea's Price - Act 4 Story Quest

Medea in Medea's Grove

Medea's Price is the second main quest of Act 4 and it begins by speaking with Medea in Medea's Grove. You will begin this quest immediately after completing the previous one, A Mysterious Message. For this quest you will need to travel to the Temple of the Gray which is found in the northeastern most portion of the Tsakonian Ruins.

Inside the Temple of the Gray you will need to defeat the Gray Sisters, 3 powerful bosses that we will talk about below. Prior to reaching the temple you'll definitely want to stop and at least do the Lampido's Potion Side Quest. This quest will give you a permanent increase to Strength and Health on each difficulty that you complete it.

Side Quests In Area:

The Stolen Sigil (Medea's Grove)
The Wealth of Ancient Kings (Medea's Grove)
Lampido's Potion (Medea's Grove) (+Strength, +Health Permanent Reward)
The Treasure Hunters (Tsakonian Ruins)

Below is a map location of where you can find the Temple of the Gray incase you're having trouble locating it. You will need to run across a marshy patch of land to get to the part of Tsakonian Ruins that holds the temple.

Temple of the Gray Map Location

Gray Sister Boss Fight

The Gray Sisters inside of the Temple of the Gray can be a tough fight if you don't have the appropriate resists. Most of their damage will be Vitality and Lightning, Vitality makes up the larger and more deadly potion. In particular the Thunderstorm ability (red circle on the ground) will be the thing that kills you the fastest during this fight.

Below is a list of all the different abilities that you should expect the Gray Sisters to use on you.

Note: These sisters pass around 'The Eye' which appears as a red object on their heads. When one of them has posession of 'The Eye' they will cast slightly different and more powerful spells

Small Projectile: Slow ranged attack.
(With Eye) Large Projectile: Just like the small one except it deals much more damage.

Lightning Clap: Works like Storm Surge in Storm Mastery; deals damage to anyone attacking.
(With Eye) Red Lightning Clap: Same ability, just deals more damage.

(With Eye) Thunderstorm: A red pool is created on the ground which deals heavy Vitality damage. Similar to Squall from Storm Mastery.

"Has The Eye": The sisters will pass around the eye throughout the fight, usually each one holds it for 5 - 10 seconds before passing it off.

Once you obtain the eye from the Gray Sisters return to Medea and speak with her again to open up the Portal to Epirus. You'll also complete this quest and begin the next one, The Road to Hades.