The Troubled Son - Act 5 Side Quest

The Troubled Son Quest Start

Start Location: Glauberg
Quest Location: Suebi Lakelands
Objective: Speak with Judoc in Suebi Lakelands

The Troubled Son is an Act 5 Side Quest which begins in the town of Glauberg by speaking with Dannotalus (pictured above). For this quest you will need to find Dannotalus' son whom is in the Suebi Lakelands far to the northeast of Glauberg.

You can find Judoc, Dannotalus' son on a small island just off the main land mass that goes through all of Suebi Lakelands. A screenshot of Judoc as well as his map location can be found below. After speaking with Judoc you'll need to return to Dannotalus in Glauberg to turn the quest in and claim your reward.

Judoc for The Troubled Son

The Trouble Son Map Location