The Kornwyf's Scythe - Act 5 Side Quest

The Kornwyf Scourge of the Plains

Start Location: Wild Heathlands
Quest Location: Wild Heathlands
Objective: Obtain the Kornwyf Scythe then deliver it to Yiorgia or Solveig

The Kornwyf's Scythe quest begins by defeating The Kornwyf Demon in the Wild Heathlands and picking up the Kornwyf Scythe that it drops. You can find The Kornwyf in the northern portion of the Wild Heathlands; he'll appear out of the ground when you approach the area he's in. For an exact location of this enemy use my screenshot below.

Once you have the scythe you can give it to one of two people, each of them will provide you with the same reward. Yiorgia in Corinth will accept the scythe as well as Solveig in Kaupangr. If you've forgotten how to get to Kaupangr you'll want to take the portal to Scandia (King Gylfi's Settlement) and travel south/west to reach the docks. You'll be able to ride a boat from here to Kaupangr.

Yiorgia Location: From the Portal in Corinth go northeast towards the open gates that lead to the harbor that takes you North earlier in the Act

Solveig Location: When you arrive in Kaupangr go north and you'll run into a small house with Solveig outside. To get to Kaupangr take the Portal to Scandia and go west to the boat captain, he'll bring you here.

Screenshots of both Yiorgia and Solveig can be found below, if you still need help locating either of them.

The Kornwyfs Scythe Map Location

The Kornwyfs Scythe Quest Turn In

Yiorgia The Kornwyf Scythe Turn In