Little Friends - Act 5 Side Quest

Little Friends Quest Start

Start Location: Weser Uplands
Quest Location: Weser Uplands
Objective: Obtain the Honeycomb and return it to Carig

Little Friends is a Side Quest which starts in Weser Uplands by speaking with Carig, a lone half-troll sitting out in the middle of nowhere. The fastest way to get to this location is by taking the Portal to Glauberg then going north out of town. Continue east when you can't go north anymore and stay along the southern wall, you'll run into Carig in no time. Use my map location below for better directions.

Carig asks you to collect a Honeycomb for him from the beehive a little bit to the east of where you are now. It'll be guarded by two bears and some bees, the bees are the bigger threat since they will do bleeding damage and most people don't gear for bleed resist. Keep an eye on your health while you're in this area so the bees don't tear you apart. Thankfully you can just click on the beehive to drop the Honeycomb and pick it up without killing anything. Return to Carig and give him the Honeycomb to complete the quest.

Beehive for Little Friends Quest

Little Friends Map Locations