Festivities - Act 5 Side Quest

Festivities Quest Start

Start Location: City of Corinth
Quest Location: City of Corinth
Objective: Speak with Phaedrus, Leonidas and Ariston

Festivities is the first Side Quest that you'll be given after arriving in the town of Corinth, the first town in Act 5. Even though this quest is called a Side Quest, completion of it is required for you to leave the town of Corinth and proceed to the harbor. In order to complete this quest you'll need to speak with 3 different NPCs, Phaedrus, Leonidas and Ariston.

Phaedrus Location: Northeastern Corinth, follow the road towards Lechaion Harbor and you'll run right past Phaedrus.

Leonidas Location: Next to the Portal in Corinth

Ariston Location: Sitting at the table in the center of Corinth. You have to speak with Ariston to start the Troubles of a New Age Main Story Quest.


Festivities Map Locations