The Torch-Lighter's Gauntlet - Act 4 Side Quest

The Torch Lighters Gauntlet Quest Start

Start Location: Coastal Asomata
Quest Location: Coastal Asomata
Objective: Bring the Torch-Lighter to the light house and protect him

This is one of the first quests that you'll come across after starting Act 4, you'll find it by following the beach east from the City of Rhodes. You can speak with Abderus at the camp of soldiers along the beach to begin this quest. It's recommended that before you begin this quest you clear a safe route further east between you and the large tower along the beach.

For this quest you'll need to lead the Torchlighter from the camp of soldiers to the eastern tower and protect him from 3 waves of undead that attack you. Any enemies you encounter while you have the Torchlighter with you will go after him immediately which is why I recommend you clear a route first. Thankfully, if your Torchlighter dies you can always get another one by speaking with Abderus.

Tip: When doing escort quests in Titan Quest all enemies will go after the person you're escorting first.

The Torch-Lighters Gauntlet Wave of Undead
Defend the Torch Lighter from the waves of undead.

The Torch Lighters Gauntlet Map Locations